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Introduction to Web
Services and Soap UI

Presented By:Prabhat Ray


What is Web Service.
What are different component of Web Services.
About Soap UI.
System Requirements.
Web services testing tools.
Write your first test case in soap UI.

What is web services.

Web servicesare client and server applications
that communicate over the World
WideWeb's(WWW) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
Example of Web Services
Weather Reporting: Suppose we want to display the weather

information in our website then we can do that using a weather

reporting Web Service.
Stock Quote: We can display the latest update of the shares market

with a stock quote on our web-site.

News-Headline: If we want to display the latest news updates in our

web-site then we can do this using a News-headline Web Service.

Currency conversion: By consuminga live currency conversion Web

Service, we can convert various currency rates in our application.


Different Component of Web Services.

XML (ExtensibleMarkupLanguage).
SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
REST (Representational State Transfer)
WSDL (Web Service Description Language).
UDDI (Universal Description Discovery and

What is SOAP.
Soap Message Structure.
Soap Envelope.
Soap Header
Soap Body
Soap Fault
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""

What is WSDL.
A WSDL document describes a web service using these major
types :- A container for data type definitions used by the web
Message :- A typed definition of the data being communicated
portType :- A set of operations supported by one or more endpoints
Binding :- A protocol and data format specification for a particular
port A WSDL document can also contain other elements, like
extension elements, and a service element that makes it possible to
group together the definitions of several web services in one single
WSDL document.

What is WSDL.
The main structure of a WSDL document looks like this:
data type definitions........
definition of the data being communicated....
set of operations......
protocol and data format specification....

What is UDDI
Universal Description, Discovery and Integration
(UDDI) is a directory service where businesses can
register and search for Web services.
How can UDDI be Used
If the industry published an UDDI standard for flight
rate checking and reservation, airlines could register
their services into an UDDI directory. Travel agencies
could then search the UDDI directory to find the
airline's reservation interface. When the interface is
found, the travel agency can communicate with the
service immediately because it uses a well-defined
reservation interface.

About Soap UI.

Free and Open Source functional testing tool from
Smart Bear.
Easy to use graphical interface.
Create and use automated
functional test cases.
Regression test cases.
Load testing Using Load UI.
Security Testing.

System Requirement.
1GHz or higher 32-bit or 64-bit processor
512MB of RAM
200MB of hard disk space for installation (SoapUI
and HermesJMS)
Windows XP or later


Web Services Testing Tools.

Soap UI.
Web Service Call Composer From Stylus Studio.
We can also verify request and response through
Firefox add on name Poster.


References & Resources

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Free Web Services List for Testing.

Thank you

Prabhat Ray