General Definition


“it is refers to the situation where the person who are able to work & willing to work But Fail to secure work (Activity which gives them income or Means of livelihood)” Those who are fit to work but do not want to work & hence do not actively seek work are not included among the Unemployed Persons.

Types of Unemployment's:
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Voluntary Frictional Casual Seasonal Structural Technological Cyclical Chronic Disguised(Hidden)




Rurall Chronic

Urban Among industrial workers Among Urban Educated people Technological Unemployment



Causes of Unemployment in India
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Slow Pace Of Development. High Growth Rate Of Population. Slow Growth Rate Of Industry. Inappropriate Technology. Slow Growth Rate Of Agriculture. Defective Education System.

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Faster economic growth is viewed as a means of generating more jobs. unemployment agencies could tighten their job search and job acceptance requirements improvements to the education and training provided to young people, with a greater focus on vocational skills countries need to ensure that their welfare systems do not provide discouragement to work Government support to struggling industries in order to try to save jobs Provide more training and education to the unemployed. This could help improve computer skills and communication. These people will become more confident and employable The Government needs to try to create demand in the economy

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