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Mom Entrepreneur Networking Night


 6 : 00 pm – 7 : 00 pm
 Meet & Greet

 7 : 00 pm – 7 : 15 pm
 Kathy Buckworth , Kathy ’ s Story

 7 : 15 pm – 7 : 30 pm
 Tracy Matthewman , “ How to Use Social Media to Drive
Traffic to Your Web Site ”.

 7 : 30 pm – 7 : 45 pm
 Roger Pierce , “ How to Get Free Publicity for Your Biz ”. 1
Mom Entrepreneur Networking Night
Admira Zimic Etobicoke Accounting Lianne Phillipson-Webb Sprout Right
Amber Vance Nathopatric Doctor Lily Castillo-Insley RGD???
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Carolann Barton Social Media Expert Lindsay Harris Glow Baby
.Alexander Marla Rotenberg GEL Solutions
Danielle Rabbat Rabbat Photography Marina Mironov Dream Gym
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Jacki Yovanoff Blogger – Our World A-Z Mary McKercher
Jen Maier Urban Moms Founder Maureen Dennis Wee Welcome
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Joceyln McTavish Holistic Doctor Sara Lanthier Blogger- DIY Mom
Joceyln R. Midghall Your Fab VA Sarah Newcomb Blogger-Sleep is For Losers
Kathy Buckworth Author Shawna Hamilton Fit on the Move
Kelly Margari Kelly Margani Interiors Shelagh Cummins Practical Mum
Kelly Pryde, Ph.D. Parenting Expert Tabitha Brown HR Professional
Laura Lewandowski PR/Advertising Tracey Sleep Doula
Tracy Matthewman Women Can Do Anything

Mom Entrepreneur Networking Night

 The Numbers Speak for

• In the past 15 years, there has been a
50 percent increase in the number of
self-employed women in Canada,
• One million Canadian women will own a
small business by the end of 2010.
• The number of women run businesses is
rising 60 % faster than those run by
• A vast majority of these women are
married and over half have children.

Mom Entrepreneur Networking Night

Work Life Balance – PLEASE .

• So if I have this so called balance,

why am I up til 3:00 am?
• When can I stop shovelling
cheerios into my baby so I
can stay on the phone ?
• The state of my house is
scary and my kid needs a
haircut – How do I keep up?

Mom Entrepreneur Networking Night

 What the heck is M4M ’ s anyway?

• Marketing is essentially everything – it is
your product, it is your place, it is your
promotion, it is your price. It is your
brand. You do not exist without marketing.
• We believe small business owners need
opportunities to connect with other like
minded individuals who can support ,
mentor and assist each other .
• Marketing4mom’s objective is to provide
supportive solutions to the established and
aspiring mom entrepreneurs through
networking, small business resources,
referrals and events in the GTA.
Mom Entrepreneur Networking Night

 Questions to answer
• What does the M4M membership
look like?
• What do you want out of it?
• Should I pay for this?
Or is there another way?
• Do we want fancy or no frills?
• Do you want to donate space or
time towards an event?
• Will you promote us? If so how?
• Do you want to barter services (co-op concept)?
• Would you be willing to help other moms with your
area of marketing expertise?
 6
Mom Entrepreneur Networking Night

 Fear is the one and only thing

that will keep you from achieving all
that you want to achieve, or living
the life you deserve. And the truly
insidious thing about fear is - it's
completely self perpetuated. We create
the dread that clogs up our lives". 
Douglas Kennedy

Mom Entrepreneur Networking Night

• Thank you to all our

fantastic guest
• Thanks to all our Mom
Entrepreneurs and
Professionals for
• Draw for Prizes 8