World Cup Cricket 2007

Who will win & why?

Top 8 Teams
• • • • • • • • Australia England South Africa India Sri Lanka Pakistan New Zealand West Indies

Likely Top 4
• Australia
– No brainer

• South Africa
– Fighting spirit

• New Zealand
– Full of ODI specialists

• India
– Has what it takes provided they fire on all cylinders

Why not the other 4?
• Pakistan
– Very weak with Razzack, Shoaib, Asif

• West Indies
– Most likely among to be among the top 4 at the expense of one of the others

• England
– Side lacks balance despite the recent victory against Aus

• Sri Lanka
– Weak bowling (Aging Vaas, young fellas or all loose canons) despite recent successes

My Gut Feel
South Africa Will Win

Agree, Disagree?
Love to see comments

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