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 Prasad Mennon is MD of company

 Largest pvt owned business

 Revenue is equvelent to 3.2% of indias GDP

 The group employee around 350,000

 Tata and their subsidiary companies

 Tata is 57yh among the top 100 brand in World

 Tata group also runs National Institute like TISS,IIS,TIFR,NCPA

 Tata companies are involve in the welfare of the communities

incorporated in article of association of major companies

 Tata power generation capacity 2300 MW and planning to expand

7,500MW additional generation capacity by 2012

 Tata power 935 km HT and LT cable distribution network

 Largest privately owned business group, in different 7 sectors.

 Tata steel among the 6th largest steelmaker in the world.

 Tata motors among top 5 commercial vehicle manufactures in the world.

 Tata consultancy services, leading global software company.

 Tata tea,2nd largest branded tea company in the world.

 Tata chemical’s,2nd largest manufacturer of soda ash.

 One of the twelve companies of Tata Group.

 Largest private player in the power sector in India

 Operation divided into 2 segments:

1.Power. 2}other

 Started in 1919,headquarter in Mumbai.

 Operating in Maharashtra,Jharkhand,Karnataka

 Major competitors-RIL,Torrent power,Alstom project India Ltd,GIPC

Ltd.NTPC Ltd.
 Contribution by central, state government and private sector in
electricity .

 TPC planning to increase it capacity by acquisition and joint


 Encourage the Management to make a strategy and budget for


 Identification of the key community

 Tata motors manufacturing unit at Singur in west Bengal

 villagers have to potential grow and sustain on their own creating

job opportunities

 Tata power reliesd 11.17 tones of Co2 as emission

 Company try to encourage an intelligent use of energy at consumer

end to improve energy efficiency
 TPC employee associates with PSI (population
services international) 25% of death are from
diseases cause by air pollution out of which 43% are
childrean between 0 to 4 years
• The Tata Power Company Limited is India's largest private sector power
utility with an installed generation capacity of over 2300 MW.

• The company has emerged as a pioneer in the Indian power sector, with a
track record of performance, customer care and sustained growth.

• Issues of Tata power.

• Role of CSR department.

• We came to know about the perspective of business strategy& business


• For corporate sustainability , there should be proper balance between

Company’s Economic value addition and Social welfare activities.