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Humanity and Inhumanity

in conflict
Matthew Alakhumrany and
Tezza Chou
eed haircut

What is the conflict and how are

they dehumanised?
Conflict that prevails in
dehumanising individuals is the
stripping of their human rights and
causing them to live in a nonliberated sense. This is usually shown
by the more powerful individuals or
groups who thrust law thats a
population must follow, or simply by
torturing and sexually abusing them
and eradicating their sense of

How do readers feel?

This makes the readers feel pathos,
sadness and empahy towards those
who have had their human rights
violated and Megan Stack explores
this concept deeply in her chapter 2
Chasing the Ghosts where the
women were oppressed due to the
take over of Afghanistan via the
Taliban, enforcing new rules and

Dehumanisation in the females

(Chapter 2)
The Taliban is an Islamist
fundamentalist political movement in
Afghanistan, ruling it from 1995-2001
Talibans Sharia law
Oppression of women, the women in
Naseers house were not liberated
They couldnt remember the last
time they shopped in the bazaar, or
ate a picnic

Human rights violation in Abu Ghraib Began in
Personal of US army committed a series of human
rights violations against detainees in the Abu
ghraib prison in Iraq
Violations included physical and sexual abuse,
torture, rape and murder
Authorization for the torture had come from high up
in the military hierarchy, with allegations being
made that secretory of defence Donald Rumsfeld
had authorised the actions.
American soldiers violated the human rights and
dehumanised their enemieis

Dehumanisation of the American

soldiers in the Abu Ghraib prison
The Mexican soldiers were also
dehumanised in the process as We
cannot hurt another human being
without leaving a scar on ourselves

Maintenance of humanity as a
response to conflict (Epilogue)
Its possible for individuals to maintain a clear sense
of humanity after being conflicted
Raheems son got killed. U.S. soldiers shot him in
the chest
He was fifty years old, ready to pick up and start
from scratch all over again
All of and he was still chasing this maeger dream;
to live in peace and earn enough money to support
his family
Although the US took his son, he still doesnt blame
the Americans and doesnt seek redemption as he
maintains a clear sense of humanity

Supplementary Text
Guanatanmo bay
Force feeding 3 hunger strikers
"inhumane, degrading and a violation of
medical ethics.
Letter from faraj
"It is not unusual for prison guards here to
search prisoners' genital parts and their
rectum10 times in a single day. Daily, I am
forced into a restraint chair, my arms, legs
and chest tied down tight.

More sup
Pol pot regime
Prime minister
Pol pot wanted to kill all of civilisation in
Cambodia and turn it into a new age
if you stop working you will not be fed or
People were forced to drink human urine
Babies to be torn limb by limb

Dank quotes
"Human beings can be awfully cruel to one another" (254)- Adventures of
Man's inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn! robert burns
Inhumanity, n. One of the signal and characteristic qualities of humanity.
ambrose bierce

We cannot hurt another human being without leaving a scar on ourselvesM.A 12D

Example big idea

Unjust immoral actions where individuals are stripped from

their sense of humanity are extremely prevalent in societies
where the usage of power is seen as a notion of embracing