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HRM 2600

Human Resources Management

Week 1

About me
Chapter One: The World of Human
Resources Management

About Me
Education Background :
Peking (Beijing) University, B.A.
Cornell University, M.I.L.R.
University of Toronto, PhD

Academic work experience:

Saint Marys University (Assistant Professor)

Professional work experience:

Alcoa, China (HR Manager)
Motorola, China (HR Specialist)

Research interests:
Work-Life Balance

Managing Human Resources
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Syllabus-Contact the Instructor

My preferred method of contact is by e-mail
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please use your full real name and write
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the subject line. I will try to answer your
email within 24 hours.
This class is HRM2600 Section E.

Syllabus-Marking Allocations
1.Weekly Participation 30%
2. Midterm: 30%
Oct.11~17 on campus ( time and location to
be announced).
Chapters 1-6

3. Final Exam: 40%

Chapter 7-14, on campus during exam period

Weekly Participation
Regular and active participation is an essential, unmistakably important aspect
of this online course. The expectation of the instructor is that students will log
on a minimum of three times every week. It is critical that you read all of the
lecture and assignment materials as well as all of the public discussion
materials. Your full participation ON A WEEKLY BASIS is not only a
requirement, but also an essential aspect of the online course process.
Each week you are to post ONE answer to the weekly discussion question and
at least TWO comments to your classmates answers. Postings should show
insight into the topic. Note: Once the week has passed (i.e. Saturday midnight)
you have lost the opportunity to participate and postings do not count. At the
end of the term you will be assigned a grade out of 30 for participation.
Your responses will be graded on two things: quality and timeliness. In terms of
quality my expectations are simple. Responses should be well written and
clearly address the issues being discussed. Please limit your postings to 250

Chapter One
The World of Human Resources

Why study HRM
Definition of HRM
Groups of HRM activities
The organization of human resource management
Challenges of human resource management
The future of human resource management

Why Study HRM?

People (human resources) are the essential
resource of all organizations.
These human resources create
organizational innovations and
Organizational success depends upon
careful attention to human resources.

What is Human Resources Management

The management of people in organizations
through formulating and implementing human
resources management systems that are aligned
with organizational strategy in order to produce
the workforce competencies and behaviours
required to achieve the organizations strategic
or simply
The process of managing human talent to
achieve an organizations objectives

Groups of HRM Activities



Groups of


Developing &

The Organization of Human Resource

Management Small Organization
A separate HR department:
Emerges as a small department or an individual
reporting to a middle manager

Duties typically include:

Maintaining employee records

The Organization of Human Resource

Management Large Organization
HR department becomes more important and
Specialized sub-departments correspond with
major activities:
Training and development etc.

Head of HR department may become a vice

president and report directly to the chief
operating officer

The Organization of Human Resource

Management-- Service Role of HR Department
Successful organizations combine the
experience of line managers with the expertise
of HR managers to develop and utilize the
talents of employees to their greatest potential.
Responsibilities of the HR Manager
To advise, not direct managers in other

Challenges Canadian Organizations


Challenges: Economic
Surviving a Recessionary Cycle
HR managers face special challenges e.g. layoffs, wage
concessions, and workforce morale issues

Global Trade Challenge

Jobs and prosperity depend upon international trade

Challenge of Productivity Improvement

Essential for long-run success
Canada faces gap with U.S. in productivity levels
Innovation is a major challenge
Outsourcing is increasingly popular but has major implications

Challenges: Technological
Processing large volume of information on a
timely basis
Flexibility e.g. telecommuting
Information sharing and knowledge management

Potential benefits include speed, better customer
service, flexibility in operations
Use robots for hazardous or boring jobs

Challenges: Demographic Trends

Increasing number of women in the
Shift toward knowledge workers
Educational attainment of workers
Employment of older workers

More part-time, contract and contingent


Challenges: Cultural
Work related attitudes
Changing attitudes toward work and leisure
Generational considerations
Demand for ethical conduct of business

Ethnic diversity
Cultural mosaic

Attitudes toward governments

Reduced faith in government

Challenges Human Resources Management

Responding strategically to changes in the marketplace
Competing, recruiting, and staffing globally
Setting and achieving corporate social responsibility
and sustainability goals
Advancing HRM with technology
Containing costs while retaining top talent and
maximizing productivity
Responding to the demographic and diversity
challenges of the workforce
Adapting to educational and cultural shifts affecting
the workforce

Todays Human Resource

Management Professional
Business Mastery, Mastery of HRM Tools,
Change Mastery, Personal Credibility

CHRP (Certified Human Resources


Discussion Question- Week 1

A firm has requested your assistance in
ensuring that their multigenerational
workforce functions effectively as a team.
What strategies and/or programs would
you recommend? Why?

Next Week
Chapter Two: Strategy and Human
Resources Planning