a/p VUijayan Nurul Atiqah bt Kamarulazman Panirselvam a/l Veloo

• The Imperial’ provide product in the form of service to airlines industry. • To launch a new technology touch screen product also known as mini electronic screen, ‘Easy Touch’ into airlines market. • . ‘Easy Touch’ is a mini size LCD monitor where placed in front of passengers seats • . We are targeting specific segment such as only Malaysia’s airlines company.

• • •


Touch’ will be priced as low as RM 4,000 to emphasize product’s superior value and make it affordable


Imperial’ is entering the airlines industry to deliver its service product with our trademark ‘every flight can have it’. Air Asia and Fire Fly provide basis services to passenger at a very low rate and it is affordable Most of the business class flights provide a comfortable seat and entertainment


into four segments which are long term growth, globalization, commercialization and technical change. Long term growth drives to continual demand for expansion and improvement. The reduced costs and rise of the traffic.


this trend makes economic performance and efficiency criteria for good design. Private airlines company can have fair competition because without government interference.


occurs through the formation of airlines industry and this drives to the implementation of worldwide best practices in the provision of airlines industry. Must adopt the best idea they discover among the competitor and try to improve their company.


change, especially electronic commerce and electronic ticketing. Electronic ticketing allows faster check-in process and to its similar function.


Our product which offer ultimate service, Easy Touch offer the following advance features. -10.4 LCD mini touch screen monitor with color screen -Contain safety instructions video - Entertainment -Internet connection -Order food via the touch screen -View the flight position

Airlines- Krisworld provide personal 10.6 inch, high resolution LCD screen. Have 3D video games. Canadian Airlines- Air Canada provide 8 inch mini LCD screen monitor for movies and song. American Airlines- Launch Aircell internet broadband service(Gogo) • -On board purchase.


a online retailer and direct selling. Amazon.com to promote our product and also our own company’s website to deal with our customer.

- advance technology service where no airlines company in the world used • - it affordable so every flight may have it Weakness - it reduces the job of air stewardess


- the pioneer for this market so it will hard to penetrate our market share. Threats - political issue • - because Mas airlines is a government link company(GLC), so it will be a lot of procedures to follow
• •



- To provide our product to all airlines company in Malaysia within 3 years. - Market the product globally within 6 years to all over the world’s airlines company.

• •


-product’s ability to establish a good brand name which is linked to positioning. -must invest heavily on promoting and demonstrating the function of the product.


it as a touch screen monitor which have high quality with the full design of feartures to reduce air stewardess work. Give benefit to airlines company that is make them work more easy.


4,000 is a price that suitable for our product. We give payment period to bulk purchases.


of our product is airlines company so we will do the demo in front of them to make they satisfied. Make a promotion such as advertising and free trial on our touch screen product. We also give free maintenance to our customer for the 1st year.

M a rke ti g co m m u n i ti n n ca o strategy
MSC consists of advertising, Sales promotion, Public relations, Personal selling, Direct Marketing .

D e fi i g the problem and n n research objectives

Exploratory research

Gathers preliminary information that will help define the problem and suggest hypotheses

Developing the research plan for collecting information
P la n n in g P rim a ry D a ta Co Research Contact lle ctio n Research Sampling Plan
Approaches Observation Survey Experiment Methods Mail Personal Online Telephone Sample size Sampling procedure

Instruments Sampling Unit Questionnaire Mechanical instruments

Implementing plan

the collected data to isolate important information and findings Must check data for accuracy

Interpreting and reporting the findings

Customer Relationship Management(CRM)
 Managing

detailed information about individual customers and carefully managing customer touch points in order to maximize customer loyalty Service and support calls, satisfaction survey, credit and payment interactions.

 HOW?

Marketing Organization


RM 500,000 ◦ Advertisement ◦ Free Trial Product (10x4000) RM 40,000

RM 540,000



• • •

◦ Air Asia ◦ 50 airbus x 100 units x RM 4000 = RM 20, 000,000 ◦ MAS 30 airbus x 100 units x RM 4000 = RM 12, 000,000

Action Programs
Action Programs Period (1 year) January to December

1 quarter Free P demonstrate Discounts for P bulk purchase Free P maintenance Extra features P P Purchase points

2 quarter P P P P P

3 quarter P P P

4 quarter P P P


notifications of product Free maintenance Service and support calls Upgrade the operating system 2 time per year Customer care line 1-800-1010


Pearls of Wisdom
hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” •-Confucius

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