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Brand Audit

Our Mission
To be most valued by those who
most value brands
We work not for ourselves
not for the company
not even for our clients
We work for Brands


We expect our clients to hold us accountable

for our Stewardship of their Brands

Only if we have built, nourished and developed

prosperous Brands, only if we have made them

more valuable both to their users and to their
owners, may we judge ourselves successful

Steward = Stig Ward=

Keeper of the Sty
Responsible for the breeding, feeding,
health, market value and eventual
disposal of every animal given in his
Ultimately responsible for the good name
and fortune of the owner; a responsibility
that, if lightly taken or abused, was
rewarded with death

Brand Steward

Anyone who takes on total responsibility

for a Brand; its birth, growth, health
and market value

Within Every Brand There Is

A Product - But Not Every
Product Is A Brand
A product is something that is made in a
A Brand is something bought by the consumer

Stephen King, WPP


Tangible: you can touch it, feel it, see it

Has physical attributes: styles, models,
features, price

Has the right features to meet consumer

expectations of performance and value

But this is not sufficient ...

The total experience of a product:
- Personality
- Trust
- Reliability
- Confidence
- A Friend
- Status
- Shared Experiences

A Brand is a product which has earned a place
in consumers lives
through perception, experience, beliefs,
....... until a relationship is built.
It is the sum of how consumers feel about a

A Brands Raw Material

Include The Tangible

Sales Literature
Direct marketing
Media context


Complaints handling

Staff Uniforms
Delivery van livery
Telephone manner
Brand share

And The Intangible

How users approach the Brand

Their daily, weekly experiences in use
Friendships and feelings
Ideas and attitudes
Needs and wants

A Brand is a complex symbol. It is the

intangible sum of a products attributes, its

name, packaging, and price, its history,
reputation, and the way its advertised. A
Brand is also defined by consumers
impressions of the people who use it, as well
as their own experience
David Ogilvy : 1955

What Brand Stewardship

The day-to-day practice of understanding
and nurturing the Brands which our clients
have placed in our care and fully
appreciating their significance in the lives
of the people who buy or use them.
The art of creating, building and energizing
profitable brands.

What the Brand-Customer

Relationship Is Like

Brand Audit


This is the established core of current

Brand Stewardship

Brand Audit

Identifies the intangible feelings, impressions,

connections, opinions, memories the customer

associates with the brand
- where we are in the hearts of the brands customers

Is informed by research among customers; but

filled in by ourselves

- projective techniques essential to elicit deeper


Gathers insights that draw us into the heart of the

customer-brand relationship

- the brands DNA, which is expressed as the BrandPrint

Revised Brand Audit

Thinking about the specific things that trigger this brands
identity in your mind

When you hear the brands name, what immediately springs

to mind?

What else?

visuals or images?
packaging or product elements?
bits of communication?
signs or symbols?
other brand lore?

What kind of people do you associate with the brand, and

how do you feel about them?

Thinking about the feelings and emotions the brand

evokes in you

What specific feelings and emotions do you experience

in connection with using this brand?

What personal memories, experiences or associations

does this brand bring to mind?

What does this brand do for you in your life that other
brands dont?
- what unique contribution does it make?
- what special perspective does it give you about using
the category?

Now stepping out of the role of the brands user, and

considering all the implications of these insights

What do these insights suggest or signal about the


What is the mood of the brand?

How do the feelings and emotions this brand evokes
differ from those its leading competitor evokes?

Brand Audit Helps Us

Define The Unique
Relationship Between The
Customer And The Brand
The brands DNA
expressed in a written


Do You Want More?

Examples of BrandPrints?
Tips about writing and using BrandPrints?

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Jaguar (USA -original)

The difference between Jaguar and other cars
runs deeper than sheet metal and engineering:
Its about soul, passion and originality
A Jaguar is a copy of nothing ...
just like its owners

Example : Impulse
Impulse gives me the confidence to
explore and enjoy the sometimes
bumpy journey into womanhood
As I experiment with the emerging me,
Impulse surrounds me with an energy
field filled with vitality, spontaneity and
the courage to be myself

The Economist (Asia)

The Economist is red and daring
Its bold covers hint at what lies within:
provocative, brutally honest and nonconformist opinions
Beholden to no one, it refuses to kow tow to
popularity, and sees through the new clothes of
emperors, politicians and taipans alike

Bank Of China
The Bank of China is the Wise Old Man
It brings wisdom to dealings with your assets
... the Wisdom of Wealth

American Express
American Express
. is not for everybody. It is for those who think
bigger thoughts, do bigger things, and paint
bigger pictures

What A BrandPrint Is

A vivid statement of the unique relationship

that exists between a consumer and a brand

The Brands DNA of its fingerprint

The core truth and spirit
Unique to the brand. Impossible to transfer

What A BrandPrint Is Not

A description of the Brand

A description of the Advertising
A marketing objective
A strategy
A creative brief
A wish list

How To Write A Good

Everyone attempts, but one (usually the creative) person

is responsible for the final articulation

Preparation is important
- take a long walk, a bath, a glass (or two or three) of
wine ......... (Neil French)

Mindset is critical - lock up the left brain, unlock the right

Explore all sensory dimensions (look, sound, smell, touch,

Feelings first, images next, descriptives last

Poetry, not prose
27 drafts

Writing A BrandPrint

Avoid yetisms like

- traditional yet curiously modern

- young-hearted yet appealing to all ages

Avoid clich

- in this fast-paced modern world, its nice to know

that brand Y is still offering Z benefit

Watch tired language

- powerful
- reliably effective
- light, fine consistency

Use Evocative Language

Orange, loud, aggressive .... hell bent on getting
rid of dirt, stains and odours (Radion)
Hope without the hype .... a creamy concoction ...
a handshake bargain. (Dove)
Squeaky clean powder that makes a noise like
footsteps in crisp white snow (Birds)

How To Recognise A Good

BrandPrint : The Aha
Is it


Beyond The BrandPrint

The BrandPrint is only the beginning
It should influence everything you do on your

It is not re-written very often

When put together with the Challenge, it
should provoke the Brand Idea

Competitive Advantages Of
Brand Stewardship

Open idea, not a Black Box

Encourages participation and

Intuitive, therefore useful and interesting

Relatively inexpensive
Genuinely original, genuinely Ogilvy