What is Trunity?

Trunity is a fully hosted social publishing platform on which anyone or organization can create scaleable, group managed websites and communities, easily.

TrUnity integrates authoring, blogging, news, events, multimedia, and
social networking functionality into a unified platform with robust collaboration and content management functionality, giving individuals and organizations a new and extremely cost-effective way to develop online content and catalyze community activity. The TrUnity platform also features a unique federated directory, content sharing and user identity functionality, enabling powerful new types of collaborations ² not just within communities but also across multiple organizations or networks of web sites.

Build Your Own

Its TOO easy!

Build as many as you like, whenever you like.

Simple and Powerful

Each Website includes:

‡ Membership Management ‡ Events and Calendaring ‡ Multi Media Galleries ‡ Blogging ‡ Professional level Publishing ‡ Digital Archiving and Library ‡ Scaleable Directory Organizer

Build a small one

Or Build a Big One

‡ Group Publishing ‡ Editorial Control ‡ Integrated Directory ‡ Digital Archive

Where else can you organize hundreds of important documents, articles, videos & multimedia? «or THOUSANDS!

No µWeb Guy/Gal¶ Required


No µWeb Guy¶ Required
Empower yourself, your staff, your volunteers and your board.

Unleash The Power!

A Directory Driven Platform

Emerging Markets µFirsts¶

Content Management Systems (CMS): First fully-hosted CMS. Until now, the two best options for
content management on the web were self-hosted open source products like Drupal or Joomla or expensive fullservice proprietary systems. The TrUnity Platform meets the typical requirements for 90% of this market for no more than the cost of inexpensive web hosting ($8.00/month).

Basic Website Hosting: As a website builder, the TrUnity solution eliminates the need for the µweb guy¶
and commercial hosting. At least 100 million basic HTML websites are costing users $10-$50/month. The technical requirements for updating a website on a commercial hosting service (FTP access) has resulted in an epidemic of expensive but stale, out-of-date websites. The TrUnity solution represents a wholesale paradigm shift in a market that has not changed significantly in ten years.

Institutional Repository/Digital Archive: The TrUnity platform meets the international standard for
digital archiving and it is the first fully hosted one. The reason so few museums, libraries, and Universities have not implemented web-based digital archives is because of the tremendous technical administrative and management costs of each installation.

White-label Social Publishing: Each TrUnity community web site is in effect, its own social network. But
with professional standards content management capabilities and cross platform content sharing and collaboration between communities.

The TrUnity platform establishes a new benchmark in web publishing publishing.

Content Management System (CMS)

‡ Scaleable ‡ Directory Driven ‡ Dublin Core Standard ‡ Fully Web-Hosted (accessible Webfrom any web connected computer)

‡ Simple, Easy, Powerful

Networks of integrated websites mirror the real world around us.

14 Caucus Websites

Networks of affiliated websites, all independently managed by their own community members.

Campaign Websites

Library Science

Organize Content

Organize and publish thousands of documents and other content using µbest practices¶ in Library Science

Institutional Digital Archive

Supports the ³Dublin Core´ International Standard for Digital Archives. Scaleable. Powerful enough for Universities, Museums and large Corporations.

Group Publishing

Unprecedented authoring, group publishing and editorial controls

One Website or Two?

r t n e r s h i p s

e M a n a g e m e n t

Enterprise Productivity
Organize your workflow«privately, semi-privately, or publicly. semi-

r c h i t e c t u r e

Web 3.0 Architecture

Powerful new types of collaboration, not just within communities but also across multiple organizations and communities.

e n t i n o n e p l a c e

Virtual Classroom
TrUnity Websites allow ANY teacher,

school, university to create a virtual classroom & online courses.

Basic Website Hosting



HTML Websites don¶t do content well.

World View of Global Warming


this was a great site but disorganized and unmanageable«

NOW, Its gorgeous,
organized and liberated from the ¶web guy.·

s h i n g P o w e r !

Now this famous environmental photographer can make and manage his own online presence, and better.

School Programs

Roots & Shoots With tens of thousands of young people in almost 100 countries, the Roots & Shoots network branches out across the globe, connecting youth of all ages who share a common desire to help make our world a better place.

Self-Service! «anywhere in the world!

Community Association

Imagine having a place to archive 5 years worth of boring meeting minutes. Where else would you do it? Where else COULD you do it?

Build a family network that looks like the real thing. Let the kids do it while you keep control.

School, Teacher, Student
Student websites belong to teacher websites which belong to the school website which has club websites, parent websites (PTA) and each portal has its own membership with multiple user-roles.

The possibilities are endless.

Global Collaboration
A Berkana community exchange ideas and co-create new solutions. ³We hope the practice of upcycling will become a natural way of living²that it becomes just what we do by sharing stories from around the world.´

Local Collaboration

Be The Difference is a growing community of citizens committed to practicing sustainable lifestyles that include growing food locally, supporting local economy, «

Free when you allow us to place advertising on your website.

International Partnership

The Pax Natura Foundation Is an alignment of scientist, landowners, corporations, universities and governments around the world. The TrUnity platform allows them to collaborate and publish under academic standards, an ever-growing resource, professionally organized and easy to manage independently or collectively.

Small Non-Profits NonHuman Rights Education Center of Utah Why pay thousands of dollars over years for HTML websites they you update? Now an active board can build and manage a real educational, informative public resource AND integrate curriculum, student projects, membership, events, volunteers and more«

International NGO
Amnesty is a classic example of a decentralized horizontal network of regional, local and project offices represented by a hodgepodge of websites. This platform solves three big problems; inconsistency of user interface, unwieldy centralized website management and lack of resources to build a coherent content management and publishing system. Amnesty estimates over 700,000 people belong Amnesty groups on commercial social networks - a rich demographic they can finally capture and engage in their own, branded neighborhood'.

National Franchise
µAny community-based urban forestry group that meets the following criteria can open a branch of iTreeBank«µ Think ´Communities of Websitesµ

Small Town (or large)

The advantages are too numerous for this space. Where else would you do it? Where else COULD you do it?

Photographers & Artists
Publish pictures in a Dublin Core standard archive.

Corporate Network

True Colors International Is a preeminent provider of specialized corporate training and education. They have over 3000 certified trainers around the world. The UPS represents their first opportunity to establish a web presence that coordinates and engages their trainers in an online, branded community.

Marketing Advertising Film

Cucoloris has produced campaigns for every major advertising agency in America, as well as agencies in Europe, South America, and Asia.

International Video Contest

Digital Universe Portals

Candidate DUF Portal
Diabetes Info Portal

Experts form editorial committees to steward Digital Universe Portals. Several leading researchers initiated the Diabetes Information Portal (DIP) project in early 2007. For the last eighteen months, they have been preparing informatics foundations and concepts as published in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology 2008 and in partnership with several medical research institutions. They are in the process of forming a coalition of the world's top scientists in the field of Diabetes to participate as editors and expect to apply for Digital Universe status this fall. Such status allows them to apply for federal grants as a partner.

What is a Directory
It can be an ontological expression of context, of order or disorder of wide perception or narrow.

What is a Taxonomy?
The backbone of the TrUnity Platform is expressed here as a table of contents. But it could be an ontology of a particular subject area or personal perspective of world view.

A Street Map of All That Matters