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Grew Up in the South

South of Boston

Walk On At UMass

College Coaching

HS Coaching

Why Western Loudoun County?

The Difference
Acquire Talent Vs Develop Talent

Woodgrove Football Mission

The Mission of this Coaching Staff is to use Football to Teach Real Life Lessons on and off the Field

Champions in the Class Champions in the Halls Champions in the Community Champions on the Field

Vision On the Playing Field





Game Motivation
Us Vs. Them


Personal Pride and Team Performance

Leadership Model
Be Know Do

Important Information
This info can be found at www.scribd.com/jgordon1

Lifting at Valley
Monday 6:15-8:00 Tuesday 5:30-7:00 Wednesday 5:30-7:00 Friday 6:15-8:00

We will reevaluate in one month Possible Harmony May 3

Community Service
Round Hill Elementary June 13, 2010 More information at a later date

Parent Only Meeting Mid May

Important Dates
June ?? June 19 July 14,15,16,17 July ??? Mini Camp Fauquier 7 on 7 JMU Camp Mini Camp

Important Dates
Aug 2 Aug 7 Aug 14 Aug 19 Doubles Begin Watermelon @??? Scrim @Washington

Important Dates
August 27 Beat Tuscarora On the Field In Attendance In Spirit

Important Dates
All Teams Will Practice on Monday September 6, 2010

Home Uniform

Away Uniform

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