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Unilever starts exporting its products to India in late 19th century Exported sunlight soap in 1888 & lifebuoy in 1895, followed by Pears, Lux & Vim In 1931 set up first Indian subsidiary with name of Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacturing company Followed by Lever Brothers India limited(1933),United Traders Limited(1935) After the merger of these three companies in 1956 these were jointly called Hindustan lever Limited In Feb 2007 it was renamed as Hindustan Unilever Limited

Lux  Surf Excel  Rin  Wheel  Fair & lovely  Pond’s  Tide

Clinic  Pepsodent  Close-up  Lakme  Brooke bond  Kissan  Kwality Wall’s

Surf excel was introduced in 1959 by H.L.L.  Total market is 23 lakh tons in volume in India  7 lakh tons market is of laundry soaps & bars  16 lakh tons market is of synthetic detergents  40% is detergent cakes.  60% is of detergent powder.

Surf Excel was initially introduced as a Surf as their detergent.  Introduction to the new product was good.  They gave product with covered label for trial purpose.  They effectively advertised on all channels & news papers.  After a month ,a new product “Surf Excel” was revealed.

“Aise daag vaise daag jaise bhi daag ho Surf Excel hai na??”  “Less Surf ,low lather & conserve water”.  “Daag achche hain”. It means that Stains are good

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Surf was introduced in 1959 by HLL Aim of surf excel is to regain consumer use surf excel more and more. Spend on A&P is approx. is 500 to 700 Crore. It is a popular brand in itself. Surf offering Rincake as promotional offer

Ariel was introduced in 1985 by P&G. Aim of Ariel is to convince masses to use Ariel more & more. Spend on A&P is approx. is 400 to 600 Crore. Join promotion with

Whirlpool Conducting sales contests

Product 20gm 200gm ½kg 1kg 1.5 kg 3kg 4kg
Surf excel 2 240 310 Ariel 2 ----Tide 1.5 --220 16 26 11 50 55 26 --107 71 113 150 ---




Surf excel and Ariel are not only major in the market but also Nirma & other also becoming very aggressive. Today scenario of Indian market is shifting towards more perceived value added brands. So every brand has to update itself with changes it’s position in market.