Service Marketing Mix


By          Ajesh, Dimple

Company Profile
 MD

& CEO - Chanda Kochar

India’s Largest Private Sector Bank 2nd largest bank in India in all Sectors
 Total

assets of Rs. 3,562.28 billion

Incorporated -1955, Bank in -1994 Network in 18 Countries Listed in NSE,BSE and NYSE

Service Marketing Mix
       

Product Price Place Promotion Physical evidence People Process

The Product mix
Deposits  Investments  Loan  Cards  Demat Services  Mobile Banking  Internet Banking   NRI Services  Life and General Insurance
 

The Price mix
Interest  Fee  Commission  Very much dependent on the quality of service  Important coz,  Decides the no of customers  Profit of the business

 The

right balance (interest charged and interest paid)

The Place mix
Has a wide network both in India and abroad  1,620 branches and about 4,700 ATMs  Has made its presence felt in 18 countries incl. US, UK, Russia, Canada, Germany and many other Asian countries
 

The Process mix





Cust. Focused 

 

RBI regulations kept Definite format for documents as well as well defined procedures for each transaction, thereby least time for processing Various functions are segregated, so no confusion unlike many of the public sector banks “The documentation process and formalities”

  

The Physical Evidence Mix
Specialty counters at major branches for different customer segments  Many examples of physical evidence such as  Signage  Reports  Internet/web pages  Brochures  Furnishings and other tangibles  Employees’ dress code  The building itself
 

The People mix
       

Management, Knowledge Workers, Employees(most important) and Consumers Immense, quality training provided Excellent internal marketing plans

The Promotion mix
Advertising: Television, radio, movies, theatres, mobiles, internet etc  Print media: hoardings, newspaper, magazines  Publicity: road shows, campus visits, sandwich man, Sponsorship  Sales promotion: gifts, discount and commission, incentives etc.  Telemarketing thru call centres  The “Hum Hain Na” advertisement campaign

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