Exchange Server Recovery
Amazing Exchange Recovery Tool to recover & restore damaged EDB files.


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The Exchange Recovery Software creates a full log report including details like number of mailboxes recovered, success or failure at recovery, time and other details.

Exchange Server Recovery How to recover exchange database file from ms exchange server ? - Exchange Recovery
Mailboxes And EDB File ? Why EDB File Get Corrupted ? What are Symptoms of Mailboxes Get Corrupted or Damaged? How to recover mailboxes from MS Exchange Server? Exchange Database Recovery Exchange 2007 Recovery Exchange User Profile Recovery Exchange 2003 recovery Exchange Mailboxes Recovery Common Exchange Server Error Features of Exchange Recovery Software System Requirements for Microsoft Exchange Recovery Software Help Video - How to Recover Deleted Mailboxes ?

Exchange Server Recovery
Exchange Mailbox is email management systems that allows users to communicate and cooperate with their colleagues more effectively. Each user has a separate mailbox on Exchange Server. This mailbox contains all the emails, notes, contacts and other personal data of particular user. Sometimes, the exchange server mailboxes may go missing because of several reasons like unintentional deletion, system failure and virus attack. Priv.edb known as EDB file is a rich-text Exchange Server database file that stores message headers, message text and standard attachments. It is used to store and manage all of the Exchange Server files including MAPI messages, HTTP or SMTP messages. This is the most important file of Microsoft Exchange Server. Sometimes, this file may get damaged due to dirty shutdown, database inconsistency, virus attack and many other reasons. Nevertheless the cause of Priv.edb corruption, the ultimate results are very drastic and may put you out of the business. The Exchange Recovery Software is extremely easy to use and powerful enough to do systematic scan of entire database through powerful scanning algorithms.

Exchange Server Recovery Active Directory and Storage Group Active Directory:
Active directory is the most important component of Microsoft Exchange Server that holds mailboxes information, address list, and other recipient related information. Exchange Server configuration related information is also stored in Active Directory. In some circumstances, you may find the Exchange Server database inaccessible that may be the result of Active Directory corruption. You can recover Active Directory using Exchange Recovery software. Know More How to recover active directory ?

Storage Group:
A storage group is the group of Exchange Server mailboxes that is really configured to effectively manage the data on Exchange Server. A storage group may contain two or more mailboxes which are directly accessible by the related users who have access permissions. Sometimes, while accessing data from a particular storage group, you may get some sort of error messages or may fail to gain access of the data. This occurs due to corruption in the storage group and requires Exchange recovery to fix the corruption. Go for more details Storage Group Recovery

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Exchange Recovery

Corruption Situations for EDB File
Input/Output (I/O) related problems. Database inconsistency Unexpected database shutdown Abnormal termination of the server computer. Database header damage Anti-virus software scanning Software or Hardware failure Virus attack Boot system failure. Transaction log files issues Cyclic Redundancy Check(CRC) error OS (Operating System) corruption.

Exchange Server Recovery Exchange Database Corruption Symptoms
There are some following Error Messages are the symptoms of edb file get corrupted:
• “The system cannot find the path specified” “JET_errLogCorruptDuringHardRestore -573” • “Error 4294966746: JET_errDatabaseInconsistent” “The information stored terminated abnormally” • "JET_errKeyDuplicate” “ -510 JET_errLogWriteFail” "Mailbox Store(Exchange Server) is a corrupt file" • "MAPI call ‘OpenMsgStore’ failed" • “Corruption was detected during soft recovery in the "The Internet Information Server metabase appears to be corrupt" log file” • "-1305 Jet_errObjectNotFound" • Error -327 = Jet_errBadPageLink • “Unable to read the log file header.” • Error -1069 = Jet_errVersionStoreOutOfMemory • “-1022 (JET_errDiskIO)” • Err -1018= Jet_errReadVerifyFailure • "Database or database element is corrupt" • “The Internet Information Server metabase appears • “Unable to locate the EDB file” to be corrupt” • “The database engine found a bad page” “The System Cannot Find the Path Specified” • “Error opening message store.” * JET_errRecordNotFound, the key was not found * The Jet VBA file (VBAJET.dll for 16-bit versions, or * JET_errReadVerifyFailure Read verification error VBAJET32.dll for 32-bit versions) failed to initialize 4294966278 when called. Try reinstalling the applications that * The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file returned the error '(unknown)'. It is already opened exclusively by another * The Microsoft Jet database engine stopped the user, or you need permission to view its data. process because you and another user are attempting to * 100 JET_errRfsFailure change the same data at the same time * Unable to initialize DAO/Jet db engine • • • • •

Exchange Server Recovery How to recover deleted mailbox?
Your Exchange Server mailbox may go missing due to several reasons such as unintentional deletion, virus attack and system failure. In such situations, the data stored on the particular mailbox may get lost and can put you in need of data recovery. You can recover deleted mailbox using data recovery software. But, in some cases, after recovering the lost mailbox, you may find it inaccessible. It might be due to mailbox corruption. To fix it, you need to have Exchange Recovery software. Mailbox Exchange Recovery Software is the most advanced and ultimate solution for all of your mailbox recovery needs. The software avails influential scanning methods to carry out perfect and original Exchange mailboxes recovery. You can recover deleted mailbox in simple steps by using this tool.

Exchange Database Recovery
EDB (Exchange Server Database) is a relational database that is comprised of different tables and indexes and can catch inconsistencies as the normal database does. These database files support transaction logging and ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable) transactions. In the event of database corruption, Exchange Server performs edb recovery by replaying the transaction log files that writes the uncommitted data. Exchange Database Recovery software is a reliable Mailbox Exchange Recovery utility that repairs corrupted Exchange database and restores the mailboxes in individual *.pst files. The software also supports recovering STM data for Exchange 2003 and earlier versions. The Exchange Recovery tool is competent enough in repairing the database under almost all corruption situations.

Exchange 2007 Recovery
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 database corruption roots generally from underlying hard disk subsystem. There are fairly good chances that a database might get corrupt if an I/O issue exists on Exchange Server 2007 installed disk set. However, database size issues are no more a major problem in Exchange 2007, as it is now 16 TB per database. But general problems like log file corruption, third-party interaction etc. can still set up database corruption problems. An Exchange Server 2007 database can prompt different errors while corruption, like: * "An internal processing error has occurred. Try restarting the Exchange System Manager or the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service." * "-1811, JET_errFileNotFound." The Exchange 2007 Recovery software repairs the corrupted Exchange database and restores mailboxes in distinct *.pst files.

Exchange User Profile Recovery
An Exchange Server EDB file contains several user mailboxes that are the exact replicas of the e-mails and other information that users receive. To designate each of these mailboxes, one can use the term 'profile'.In other words, a 'profile' can be used to denote the user mailbox that is comprised in Exchange EDB file. The database administrator has all the capabilities, using which it can delete, create or modify the user profile (or mailbox). But, if it deletes the user mailbox accidentally, this creates unavoidable situations of data loss. The corresponding user cannot access its data. To deal with such situations, the administrator needs to use the last available backup. But if it is not available, you need an Exchange Server Recovery solution. Exchange User Profile Recovery is a utility that can recover deleted user mailboxes and hence, Recover Profile. This is a safe utility that lists all the profiles that it can recover and facilitates you to opt between them. The software then recovers individual mailboxes as *.pst files.

Exchange 2003 Recovery
An EDB created with Exchange Server 2003 is prone to corruption for common reasons like Dirty Shutdown, Anti-virus scanning, hardware issues, and more. A corrupted Exchange Server 2003 database can give errors such as: * "-1018: Unrecoverable Error Detected in Database" * " -1028 :JET_errInvalidDatabase" To solve these errors you need a reliable Exchange 2003 Recovery thirdparty utility. These are perfectly designed software that repair corrupted databases and restore all user mailboxes with unchanged data and format.

Exchange Mailbox Recovery
User mailboxes in .edb file on MS Exchange Server might get corrupt or damaged due to: - Virus attacks to the edb file, - Accidental deletion of the user mailboxes, - Hardware errors, _ Server errors, - Non functioning of MS Exchange server etc. Exchange Mailbox Recovery Software recovers user mailboxes from the .EDB file that were corrupted, inaccessible, or accidentally deleted. It can rebuild the entire EDB database from corrupted exchange database so that the newly created EDB database can be directly mounted to the Exchange Server.

Exchange Recovery
"Exchange Server Error 550" It is the most common error in Microsoft Exchange Server. This Exchange Server Error could occur while running eseutil.exe or when the Information Stored Database File of your Exchange Server is corrupted. “Exchange Server Error 528“ Error -528 corresponds to the JET_ErrMissingLogFile. This error message is received when the Edb.chk and Edb.log files of the Exchange Server are missing. These files are stored in the Exchsrvr\Mdbdata directory Jet Engine Errors * The Microsoft Jet or DAO files are mismatched, or one or more of the DAO or Jet files are damaged * Data was written incorrectly in the database file, which could be caused by third party applications that integrates with Exchange Server * There are corrupted objects in the database * Whole of your EDB file is damaged * Exchange Server Jet Engine has got damaged To Solve All these Errors you need an advanced Exchange Recovery Software.

Exchange Recovery Software Features of MS Exchange Recovery Software
Supports MS Exchange 5.5, 2000, 2003 and 2007 Repairs Unicode EDB Files, deleted mailboxes. User-friendly and secure software. Quick recovery of mailboxes. .STM file recovery for 2003 and prior exchange server version. Data will be in body part and no .eml files will be attached Recovers email addresses from Active Directory storage group Recovers folders, messages and file attachments Stores recovered file in .PST format Recovers notes, contacts, tasks , appointments, creation date and time for all objects Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows7

License Options:
* Administrator License , Academic License, Technician License

Software Interface Language: English

Exchange Recovery Tool
System Requirements:
* Processor: Pentium Class * Operating System: Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000/ NT4(SP6) * Memory: Minimum 256 MB (512 MB recommended) * Hard Disk: 50 MB of free space Exchange Recovery Software is designed and developed to recover emails, messages from corrupt, damaged database files of Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5, 2000, 2003 and 2007.Try the free demo version of Exchange Server Recovery software and see the recovered user mailboxes from corrupted .edb file.

Video – Exchange Recovery
Exchange Recovery Tool recovers damaged or deleted user mailboxes with respective emails, folders, contacts, zipped attachments, images, attachments, drafts, sent & deleted emails, journals, calendar entries, notes, folders with sub folders. Online Video Here to see how to recover edb file by this Exchange Recovery Software from corrupt exchange database.

Exchange Server Recovery

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