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Case Study

Cicade de Goa

ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru

 Imagine an intimate beachfront
resort that lets you get away from it
all, where you are pampered with
only the finest indulgences.
Whatever your ideal -a secluded
honeymoon, total rejuvenation, a
feast of traditional cuisine, incredible
entertainment, or simply the lure of
our warm Goan hospitality.
This luxury resort is built on 40 acres of lush greenery,
 created to resemble a self-contained Portuguese hill hamlet
(the resort's unique architectural grandeur , earned an
 international R.I.B.A. award).
• Location
• Panjim (Capital City) -Approximate
driving time is 10 minutes &
distance is 7 kms (4 miles) from
the hotel.

5 - S T A R S e a B e a ch H o te l/ R e so rt

Capacity – 211 rooms

Site Area – 40 Acres

A m e n itie s

•Four restaurants offering international & Goan cuisine

•Poolside barbecue

•2 bars

•Swimming pool

•Children's pool

•Children's room



•Ayurvedic & Swedish massage centre

•Health club
•Beauty saloon

•Activity centre


•Steam & sauna


•Pool table

•Live entertainment

•Water sports

•Beach volleyball & cricket

• Its a rural vacation village almost
inherently a creation of physically
and mentally agreeable spaces for
relaxation, either in privacy or
collectively, for distraction and
• Correa engaged some of Bombay’s
legendary film-poster painters like
Bhiwandkar embarked upon the
creation of a kaleidoscope
sequence of visual images,
historical, mythical,
cinemagraphic, throughout the
public spaces of the hotel, unlike
anything he has done previously.
• It has reality and illusion through
painting and Kasturba Samadhi,
platforms and views creating color.
‖Non Spaces‖
 Cidade de Goa is full of tasteful, whimsical and
ambiguous allusions to Goa’s cultural history, Hindu,
Muslim and Portuguese. It imbibes very f ew architectural
clichés: the door way with armed guards on either side is
purely trompeloéil painting on a free standing wall which
has nothing behind it; an open to skycourtyard (one of
several) has additional sky perceptible through a painted
window with a human silhouette.

The site is contoured and

drops down hill towards
Vanguinim Beach. The Old
and the New Blocks have
Road Bifurcation point been oriented along these
afacing them, and hence
Main Service Entry every room gets a view of
Main Entry these a from the balconies
Main Entrance Foyer Parking

Main Hotel Premises

Old Block New Block

Vanguinim Beach
 Natural lighting illuminates the wind-cooled Atrium
lobby with its vertical hanging gardens, leading to the
central court. Here amidst verdant gardens and
recycled water bodies stands the gracious multi-
column Lotus Pavilion, inspired by Tipu Sultan's palace
at Srirangapatna - a touch of heritage for today's
global travelers.

 The hotel offers 292 large and well equipped rooms,

including 13 suites and the largest Presidential Suite in
India. The interiors of the rooms manifests different
layers of life forms offered through nature and each
floor follows this theme through colours, motifs and
textures. Setting the mood for a greener era, ITC Royal
Gardenia offers subtle experiences for discerning
visitors, an unmatched sojourn of responsible luxury,
complementing a city known for it's lush gardens and
• Towers
 These delightful spaces offer glimpses of
the exquisite outdoors while providing an
enchanting style statement within. The
complete concept is based on gardens.
Every detail embodies thoughtful luxury.

• ITC One
 ITC One celebrates the ‘Power of Space.’ It
is an exclusive wing where the rooms are
furnished with state-of-the-art facilities. A
personal butler anticipates the guests’
every need.

• Eva Rooms
 An exclusive wing dedicated to the specific
needs of the lady traveler. It reinforces the

• Pelican Suite
 The Queen Suite’s eminence is gratified
by the light, white marble and water
feature. Colours of gold with splashes of
bright pink will portray the grace of a

• Peacock Suite
 The split level Presidential Suite
extends over an expansive 5040 sq ft.,
houses an exclusive and private infinity
pool set amongst large terraces. The
colour schemes represent the splendours
of a peacock.
Luxury Events
 There are nine function rooms, with a total
of 19,524 square feet of meeting space.
• The Mysore Hall is the largest pillar-less hall in
Bengaluru, with an evocative design that
exudes elegance and refinement. This hall
can be divided into three separate spaces,
each with a prefunction area.
• Botania is the largest outdoor meeting space,
ideal for stylish weddings or unique corporate
• The Magnolia Room can be used for informal or
formal gatherings, while The Plumeria
meeting room can be split into two separate
meeting rooms.
• The Cassia is a state of the art boardroom with
an interactive whiteboard and video-
Green Hotel
 The hotel is near to achieving zero
solid waste management. 
- Rain water harvesting and drip
irrigation used for entire landscaping. 
- Use of CFC, LED and other energy
efficient light fittings. CFC free
refrigeration and air conditioning to
prevent the depletion of Ozone layer. 
- Eco sensitive materials have been
used throughout the hotel (Special
Wood and Carpet Tai-ping for rooms). 

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