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Levi Srauss~ As Above So Below (AASB) represents the binary opposition theory to a
very large extent. For example there are elements of Good vs Evil, Strong vs Weak and
Past vs Present. These are the most prominent since they are used to develop the
storyline and the genre of the movie. For example, the good in the main character
keeps her from dying throughout the journey in the caves. In comparison to the
negativity in the others she were with, who we find out had evil past experiences.
Propp~ Unfortunately Propps narrative theory doesnt come into context with AASB,
since the film is a horror with a slight aspect of social realism. Therefore not including
character archetypes, which are more likely to be found in action, or comedy movies.
Todorov~ AASB illustrates the equilibrium theory and follows the series of events
succinctly. The disruption happens when they realise that they keep going around
circles and the only way out is through a forbidden passage. The realisation comes into
terms when the remaining characters realise how they need to get out. The restoration
happens when the main character realises she has to put back the philosophers stone
to help her friend. Then finally the equilibrium happens when they get out of the caves
into the street.
Barthes~ AASB uses a variety of his codes. For example the Referential code is used
for the historical and cultural myth of the Philosophers Stone. The other main code is
the Hermeneutic/ Enigma Code which refers to the constant mystery with why they
cant find a way out of the caves. More clues are dropped as people go missing or die
but enigmas arent necessarily predictable.

The genre of As Above So Below is horror/thriller .
This is due to the trailer including many elements
of stereotypical horror themes such as blackouts
and filming from the actors perspective. Which
adds suspense and unknown onto the audience/
viewers. This suggests that the film may have a
child protection rating. In this case the rating is 15.
However in terms of originality, this style of
Horror/ Thriller can be considered similar to other
Horror films with a similar setting.

The entire movie as a whole represents the moral
of who your friends are as well as being cautious
when going into the unknown. This is good to the
audience as it may make them reconsider their
options if they may be in a slightly similar
However many elements in the film are unrealistic
to the modern day, therefore arguably not having
many reasons of representation in the movie.


Audience~ On the opening weekend of the release,
the film made $8,342,000 (USA) (31 August 2014)
(2,640 Screens).
Institutions~ Many companies were involved in
the creation of AASB, however the main production
companies were Legendary Pictures, Universal
Pictures and Brothers Dowdle Productions. Some of
the actors include Perdita Weeks as Scarlett and
Ben Feldman as George.