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E Project Review
Project Topic : MediApps-Clinical App Suite
Sponsored By: Persistent Systems
Nikhil Judge
Anuj Tomar
Ashutosh Thakur
Vishal Yadav

Medical and HealthCare Industry
Factors Hindering Growth
Medical Negligence
Wrong Diagnosis
Traditional Methods
Our Problem Statement
Our Solution
Technologies to be used

HealthCare Industry
The health care industry, or medical industry, is an
aggregation of sectors that provides goods and services to
treat patients.
Consumes over 10% of the National GDP of developed nations.
Future with incorporation of IT industry.
Electronic Medical Records.
Faster Diagnosis.

Factors Hindering Growth

Slow process of Patient testing.
Medical Negligence.
Complexity in handling Patient History.

Problem Statement
Create a Clinical app-suite to facilitate
medical professionals in diagnosing patients
effectively and efficiently.

Medical Negligence
Kolkata 20 Sep 2015 : Two doctors have been suspended at the Calcutta
National Medical College and Hospital (CNMCH).
Responsible of death of medical student by medical
New Delhi 3 Sep 2015 : A five year old little girl samaira dies of medical
Doctors misplaced medical history files.

Related Work
Different individual apps each for different
medical purpose and based on different

Popsi Cube :
Based on the Withings Health Companion app, Popsicare
from French CRO Popsi Cube allows researchers to
collect blood pressure data using an iPhone-enabled
cuff. Popsicare also sends questionnaires to assess
patients' blood pressure risk factors ahead of clinical
data collection. The next step is to expand beyond blood
pressure, with Fabrice Beauchne, founder of Popsi
Cube, telling FierceBiotech IT the CRO will begin rolling
out new sensors in 2013.

Diabetes Manager
An i-phone based application to keep track to diabetic patient.

Patient Access:
An Android application to keep track of Personal health record and
Appointment history.

Prognosis: Your Diagnosis

Providing diagnosis based on patient symptoms.Available on
android and i-phone platform.

Biomedical Signal Processing

Our bodies are constantly communicating information about
our health.
Heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation levels, blood
glucose, nerve conduction, brain activity and so forth.
Traditional Methods lead to information loss ,confusion ,
less transparency and insufficient analysis.
Scope for discovering new ways to process these signals
using a variety of mathematical formulae and algorithms.
More sophisticated means to analyze what our bodies are

Eliminating the Guesswork

The current limitations of science and medicine lead to
guesswork on the part of physicians.
Treatments are often employed in a trial-and-error
The physician makes an educated guess based on
previous experience.
Engineering can help to eliminateor at least reduce
the amount of trial and error that occurs in millions of
real-life patients every day.

Real-Time Monitoring
Real-time monitoring can lead to better management of chronic
Earlier detection of Heart attacks, Asthma attacks, diabetic shocks.
Real-time monitoring ensures continuity of care and the best
possible outcomes for patients.
Real-time monitoring also helps in researching the disease traits.

Electronic Medical Record

Current diagnosis often dependent on patient history.
Providingaccurate, up-to-date,andcompleteinformationabout
Securelysharing electronic informationwith patients and other
Enabling quick access to patient records for morecoordinated,
efficient care.
Helping promotelegible, complete documentationand accurate,
streamlined coding and billing.

Our Solution
A hybrid App-Suite integrating various individual apps for : Taking Bio-Medical Signals.
Processing such Signals.
Providing diagnosis based on symptoms and vitals.
Storing patients information, medical history and current
diagnosis information.
Integration with cloud.

Hybrid app development :
Html/CSS : Providing the structure for the application.
JavaScript : Providing the functionalty for the
AngularJS : A JavaScript framework.
Apache-Cordova : A platform that provides a consistent
set of JavaScript APIs to access
device capabilities

Why Hybrid Apps

One single code base of every platform.
Easier to learn web-technologies than native technologies.
Easier to launch updates/patches.