Presented by Miraat Farnaz Syed

• Communication is the production and
exchange of information and meaning by use of signs and symbols. It involves encoding and sending messages, receiving and decoding them, and synthesizing information and meaning.

• Two-way process of reaching mutual
understanding, in which participants not only exchange (encode-decode) information but also create and share meaning.

Four Language Skills:
• When we learn a language, there are four
skills that we need for complete communication:

• Skill #1: Listening • Skill #2: Speaking • Skill #3: Reading • Skill #4: Writing

• Listening is a complex process. • Receiving • Attending • Understanding

A good listener:
• Make sure your mind is focused. • Let the speaker finish before you begin

to talk. • Listen for main ideas. The main ideas are the most important points the speaker wants to get across. They may be mentioned at the start or end of a talk, and repeated a number of times.

• Fluency • Accuracy

• Pronunciation

• Skimming • Scanning • Predicting

• A complex process. • Grammar, Vocabulary etc. • Pre-writing techniques:
Brainstorming Outlining

Modes of discourse
• Narrative • Descriptive • Expository • Persuasive

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