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The Revitalizing & Regenerative

Power of

Crushed Whole
Seed Nutrition
Bradford S. Weeks, M.D.

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Goals for today

1) Encourage you to eat whole, crushed, organic, raw, nonGMO nutrient-dense seeds.
2) Demonstrate the superiority of whole seed oil compared
to extracted refined seed oil
3) Clarify the lethality of chronic excessive inflammation.
4) Share what is unique and astonishing about SOUL

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

What is a seed?
- The most nutrient dense food on earth
-Natures treasure chest (20x more nutrients)
-Embryo with bioavailable genetic spare parts
-Treasure protected by potent husk / shell / skin.
-Bioflavanoids, Beta 1-3 glucan
-Condensation and lamination of poly-mannose
-Immune potentiating glycoproteins

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

SEEDS are 20 fold more nutritious

than the rest of the plant.
SEEDS are the plants treasure chest.

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -


Note: Mucilage and Testa these are most nutrient dense part of the seed!
Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -


Fatty acid composition and antioxidant properties of coldpressed marionberry, boysenberry, red raspberry, and blueberry
seed oils.
Parry, J; Luther, M; Zhou, K; Yurawecz, MP; Whittaker, P; Yu, L
Department of Nutrition and Food Science, University of Maryland
Source: Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry 2005

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Seed less watermelon

What is

with this
Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Which looks better to you?

All watermelon contains citrulline, which has antioxidant properties and converts to arginine, an
essential amino acid that is beneficial to the heart, immune system and circulatory system.
But most of that citrulline is found in the rind.

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that can help reduce inflammation.

A pineapple's core and peel yielded the highest amount of bromelain in the
fruit, at 40 percent by weight.

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Which looks better to you?

Watermelon seeds are one of the best nourishing snacks you can eat to help keep your
skin, hair, and fingernails healthy shiny. Its seeds contain zinc, iron, and fiber, and can
have more than 10% protein, depending on the variety, and unsaturated fatty acids
like oleic acid and linoleum acid.
Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

the treasure chest

of Nature
at the very exclusive VIP Lounge the SEED!
Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -


Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

To see things
in the seed,
that is genius.
Lao Tsu

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Case #1
Chief Complaint:
My wife says my hair looks dirty!

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

I dont care if it looks dirty; I havent had blonde hair in 30 years!

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Can We Cure Aging?

Controlling inflammation could be the key to a healthy old age.

Aging is not the simple result of the passage of time.

According to a provocative new view, it is actually
something our own bodies create, a side effect of the
essential inflammatory system that protects us against
infectious disease.

There is growing evidence that the immune system is
implicated in virtually all of these age related
illnesses, with the inflammatory response being the
triggering mechanism that leads to age-related
tissue damage.
Indeed, the term inflammaging has been coined to
describe the underlying inflammatory changes
common to most age-related diseases.

Centsible Anti-Aging
Mother Nature DOES
put all her eggs in one basket
its called a seed!


We eat living food, wherein chewing and enzymes break down nutrients into amino
acids, simple sugars and oils which are absorbable and bioavailable.
Out of these foods, DNA and RNA particles are made bio-available.
Whole, crushed, cold-pressed, organic, non-GMP seed oils deliver the bioavailable
DNA, RNA fragments and serve as a transport mechanism.
These RNA nutrient messages tell the DNA in every cell what to do, how to adapt
and what to express genetically.
This allows your genes to be optimized and refurbished buffed up.
The food richest in genetic spare parts is

the SEED !

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

RNA - sends messages to DNA instructing the
cells to optimize function and adapt to
Q: Where is RNA concentrated in plants?
A: In the seed !!

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Healthy active male

Age 62
No Complaints
No Illnesses
No medications
Full head of white hair
since late 50s
Alternative Health Advocates 2015

White Hair @ age 62

Black Hair @ age 92 !!

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Age 91 - after 9 months

on Seeds
- Hair coming in BLACK!
Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Age 92

- after 1 year of eating whole, raw crushed seeds!

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Age 89 after eating crushed raw,

whole seeds for 2 years.

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

After drinking whole raw cold-pressed organic seed drink for 2 years - BLACK HAIR !
Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

The peel of an orange packs in twice as much vitamin C as what's inside.

It also contains higher concentrations of riboflavin, vitamin B6, calcium,
magnesium and potassium as well as anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.
Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Evolving medical knowledge regarding

1.Inflammation is not just related to painful joints.
2.Inflammation is the major factor driving the aging process.
3.Inflammation underlies all major degenerative diseases.
4.Cardiovascular inflammation leads to calcification / blockage.
5.Cancer metastasis is an inflammatory process.
6.Cancer recruitment of stem cells is an inflammatory process.
7.Schizophrenia and psychosis is an inflammatory process.

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Inflammation seems to underlie not just senescence but all the

chronic illnesses that often come along with it: diabetes,
atherosclerosis, Alzheimers, heart attack.
Inflammatory factors predict virtually all bad outcomes in
humans. It predicts having heart attacks, having heart failure,
becoming diabetic; predicts becoming fragile in old age; predicts
cognitive function decline, even cancer to a certain extent.
Russell Tracy, a professor University of Vermont College of Medicine.

The idea that chronic diseases might be

caused by persistent inflammation
has been kicking around since the 19th century.
Only in the past few years, though, have modern biochemistry and
the emerging field of systems biology made it possible to grasp the
convoluted chemical interactions involved in body-wide responses
like inflammation.

Inflammation and Alzheimer's disease

Akiyama H, Barger S, Neurobiol Aging. 2000 May-Jun;21(3):383-421.

Inflammation clearly occurs in pathologically vulnerable regions of the Alzheimer's

disease (AD) brain, and it does so with the full complexity of local peripheral
inflammatory responses. In the periphery, degenerating tissue and the deposition of
highly insoluble abnormal materials are classical stimulants of inflammation.
By better understanding AD inflammatory and immuno-regulatory processes, it should be
possible to develop anti-inflammatory

approaches that may not cure

AD but will likely help slow the progression or delay the onset
of this devastating disorder.

Schizophrenia as an inflammation-mediated dysbalance

of glutamatergic neurotransmission.

The only endogenous NMDA receptor antagonist identified up to now is kynurenic acid
(KYNA). Despite the NMDA receptor antagonism, KYNA also blocks, in lower doses, the
nicotinergic acetycholine receptor, i.e., increased KYNA levels can explain psychotic
symptoms and cognitive deterioration. KYNA levels are described to be higher in the
cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and in critical central nervous system (CNS) regions of
schizophrenics as compared to controlsTherapeutic consequences, e.g., the use of

anti-inflammatory cyclo-oxygenase-2 inhibitors, which can also

decrease KYNA directly, are discussed.
SOURCE Norbert Mller Neurotoxicity Research June 2006, Volume 10, Issue 2, pp 131-148

So Depression is an Inflammatory Disease, but

where does the inflammation come from?
We now know that depression is associated with a chronic, low-grade
inflammatory response and activation of cell-mediated immunity, as well as
activation of the compensatory anti-inflammatory reflex system.
The identification of known sources of inflammation provides support for
inflammation as a mediating pathway to both risk and neuroprogression in
depressionMost, but not all, of the above mentioned sources of

inflammation may play a role in other psychiatric disorders,

such as 1) bipolar disorder, 2) schizophrenia, 3) autism and
4) post-traumatic stress disorder.
SOURCE Michael Berk

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

All chronic degenerative


A to Z
are driven by Inflammation

Joint Pain

- Asthma
-Back Pain
etc all the way to Zits!

Gastritis, dysbiosis,
Crohns Disease,
Ulcerative Colititis etc.

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

The REVOLUTION in Cancer Care

Blocking PGE2-induced Tumour Repopulation abrogates Bladder Cancer
NATURE December 3, 2014

Previous studies have demonstrated that cancer STEM cells are

selectively enriched after chemotherapy through enhanced
Further analyses demonstrate the recruitment of the quiescent
label-retaining pool of cancer STEM cells into cell division in
response to chemotherapy-induced damages, similar to
mobilization of normal stem cells during wound repair.
Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

While chemotherapy effectively induces apoptosis,

associated prostaglandin E-2 (PGE2) release
paradoxically promotes neighboring cancer STEM cell
This repopulation can be abrogated by a PGE2
neutralizing antibody and celecoxib drug-mediated
blockade of PGE2 signaling.
In vivo administration of the cyclo-oxygenase-2 (COX2) inhibitor celecoxib effectively abolishes a PGE2 and
COX2-mediated wound response gene signature, and
attenuates progressive manifestation of chemo
Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -


1) chemotherapy makes cancer STEM cells worse and makes cancer return
2) to treat cancer STEM cells, use anti-inflammatory
3) bonus: anti-inflammatory agents also inhibits metastases

4) authors recommend the anti-inflammatory drug celecoxib

5)Has dangerous side-effects (renal, hepato and oto-toxicity)
6)Anti-inflammatory diet is powerful medicine
7)Eating whole crushed seeds is most centsible
(i.e. safer and more effective and more cost effective

(FMI: Search cancer STEM cell at )

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Chemotherapy and Radiation

make Cancer worse.
Distinguished Prof. Max Wicha, M.D.
former Director, University of Michigan
Comprehensive Cancer Center
National Cancer Advisory
Primum Non Nocere
(First Do No Harm)

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Max Wicha, M.D.

Distinguished Professor of Oncology
Director, University of Michigan
Comprehensive Cancer Center

The problem is, when we treat cancer cells

with chemotherapy, the cancer stem cells are
being stimulated to grow too.
When we take mesenchymal stem cells and
mix them with tumor cells, the tumors grow
much more quickly in animals.
Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

What is a Tumor?
A tumor, benign or malignant, is a proliferation
of cells of which, in the case of a malignant
cancer, less than 1% of which are dangerous.

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

The problem is 0.1% of the Tumor!

99.1% - 99.6% of the tumor cells are NOT
dangerous (aside from steric, obstructive factors).

Similarly, usually less than 1% of

primary tumor cells cultured in vitro can
give rise to colonies.
Diehn, M Therapeutic Implications of the Cancer Stem Cell Hypothesis
Semin Radiat Oncol. 2009 April; 19(2): 7886.

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

What metastasizes?

Cancer STEM cells!

tumor cells are heterogeneous in their capacity to give rise
to tumors upon transplantation or to form colonies in culture
assays. For in vivo tumor transplantation, this is reflected in the
large numbers of tumor cells that must usually be transplanted to
form a tumor. For primary human and mouse tumors, this
number often resides in the thousands or millions. (ibid Diehn et al)

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Only cancer STEM cells metastasize!

Considerable evidence suggests that tumors contain
only a minority of cells which are capable of
regrowing the tumor (ie. tumor stem cells). Since all
tumor stem cells must be killed if treatment is to be
successful, the number of stem cells in a tumor can be
expected to be an important determinant of curability.
Hill RP The proportion of stem cells in murine tumors. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol
Phys. 1989 Feb;16(2):513-8.

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Cancer Stem Cells resist

Baker, M Stem cells: Fast and furious.
Nature. 2009 Apr 23;458(7241):962-5.

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Cancer STEM cells are resistant to chemotherapy

The apparent similarities between normal stem cells and CSC
led to the hypothesis that CSC may be relatively resistant to
common chemotherapeutic agents compared to their more
differentiated non-tumorigenic counterparts and that
improvements in patient outcomes might be achieved by directly
targeting CSC. Mounting evidence suggests that this is the case.
Recent studies have shown that cancer stem cell-like cells
present in some established cell lines and in long-term
xenografts appear to be relatively resistant to cytotoxic
chemotherapeutics. (ibid Diehn et al)

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

and Cancer Stem Cells are

resistant to Radiation Therapy also
Thus, CSC in some tumors appear to be resistant to
cytotoxic chemotherapies. As is discussed elsewhere in
this issue, CSC in some tumors also appear to be
resistant to radiotherapy. These findings suggest the
overcoming CSC resistance mechanisms to cytotoxic
therapies may result in higher cure rates. (ibid Diehn et al)

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Chemotherapy increases Cancer

Stem Cell proliferation
Since it remains to be determined how representative
such cancer stem cell-like cells are of CSC in primary
tumors, another group analyzed human CD44+ESA+
colon cancer stem cells were enriched in
xenografts that had been treated with
cyclophosphamide compared to untreated control
tumors. (ibid Diehn et al)

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Chemotherapy increases cancer

STEM cell number and virulence
Enrichment was documented both as an
increased percentage of cancer stem cells as
measured by flow cytometry and as higher tumor
forming capacity in limiting dilution assays.
Li X, Lewis MT, Huang J, et al. Intrinsic resistance of tumorigenic breast
cancer cells to chemotherapy. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2008;100:6729.

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

The Cordelia Effect

Standard of Care:
Killing the Messenger (Cut, Burn, Poison)
Corrective Cancer Care:
Bring the cancer stem cells back in line because
re-differentiation is better than death.

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Anti-Inflammatory Agents
Goal: To interrupt the IL-8 cytokine SOS and allow
differentiation of cancer stem cells

Reprotaxin -CXCR1 receptor blocker- (Wicha)

Oxygen (hypoxemia stimulates CSCs)
Fermented Soy (Haelan 951)
Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Anti-Inflammatory Agents in
Corrective Cancer Care

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Eat the (right) SEEDS

Erase the CANCER.

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

The FDA has made the purchase of

laetrile supplements almost
impossible to obtain,
even though it is a perfectly natural
and safe supplement.

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -


For centuries, the black seed (Nigella sativa) herb and
oil have been used in Asia, Middle East and Africa to
promote health and fight disease.
Thymoquinone extracted from black seed triggers apoptotic cell death
in human colorectal cancer cells via a



Gali-Muhtasib, H; et al
Source: International Journal of Oncology 2004

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Thymoquinone: potential cure for inflammatory disorders and cancer.

Abstract Source:Biochem Pharmacol. 2012 Feb 15 ;83(4):443-51. Epub 2011 Oct 10. PMID: 22005518 Abstract Author(s):Chern Chiuh Woo

Thymoquinone is an active ingredient isolated from Nigella sativa and has been investigated for its anti-

anti-inflammatory and anticancer

activities in both in vitro and in vivo models since its first extraction in 1960s.

Its anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory effect has been reported in various disease models, including
encephalomyelitis, diabetes, asthma and carcinogenesis.
The anticancer effect(s) of thymoquinone are mediated through different modes of action,
including anti-proliferation, apoptosis induction, cell cycle arrest, ROS generation and anti-

activity through the modulation of multiple molecular targets,
including p53, p73, PTEN, STAT3, PPAR-1, activation of caspases and
metastasis/anti-angiogenesis. In addition, this quinone was found to exhibit

generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS).

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Thymoquinone: potential cure for inflammatory disorders and cancer.

Abstract Source:Biochem Pharmacol. 2012 Feb 15 ;83(4):443-51. Epub 2011 Oct 10. PMID: 22005518 Abstract Author(s):Chern Chiuh Woo

The anti-tumor effects of thymoquinone have also been investigated in tumor xenograft mice models
for colon, prostate, pancreatic and lung cancer.

The combination of thymoquinone and conventional

chemotherapeutic drugs could produce greater therapeutic
effect as well as reduce the toxicity of the latter.
In this review, we summarize the anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory and anticancer effects of
thymoquinone with a focus on its molecular targets, and its possible role in the treatment of
inflammatory diseases and cancer.

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -



Thymoquinone: a promising anti-cancer drug from natural sources.
Gali-Muhtasib, H; Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2006;38(8):1249-53.

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

It has been shown that Nigella sativa L. (NS) and

reduced glutathione (GSH) have both an anti-peroxidative
effect on different tissues and a scavenger effect on ROS.
These results clearly show that NS and GSH treatment
significantly antagonize the effects of radiation.
Therefore, Nigella sativa and GSH may be a
beneficial agent in protection against ionizing
radiation-related tissue injury..
In vivo radioprotective effects of Nigella sativa L oil and reduced glutathione against irradiation-induced
oxidative injury and number of peripheral blood lymphocytes in rats.
Cemek, M; Photochem Photobiol. 2006 Nov-Dec 82(6):1691-6.


(chew thoroughly or grind!)

Dont throw away the best part!

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Lamination of
nutrient dense,
STEM cell and
immune function
(rich in 1,3 Beta
Glucan and
isoflavones) into
layers of protection
for seed embryo.

A mature seed of
Capsicum annum from
Finch-Savage and
Leubner-Metzger (2006).

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Immature Apple with white unlaminated, unprotected seeds.

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

LAMINTATION in Industry and in Living SEEDS

Fiber glassing kayak

Lamination of nutrient dense, STEM

cell and immune function stimulating
polymannose into layers of protective
glycoproteins rich in 1-2 Beta glucan

Petroleum based polymer

gas to liquid to solid plastic by
simply adding CH3
(temperature and enzymes)

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Certainty in Clinical Practice

I stand firmly upon the

shifting sands of
clinical science.
Dr. Weeks disclaimer to patients, the state medical board and
esteemed colleagues (and his mother).

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -


STOP drinking
Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Brian Scott Peskin
Robert Rowen
page 270
Fish oil suffocates
cell membranes

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Extracted /Adulterated Seed Oils

RAW Whole Seeds
Solvent soak (hydrocarbon)
Remove soils
Boil at approx. 300 deg F.
Mix with water to separate gum
Add alkali (lye) and mix well
Spin to remove particles
Bleach at 230 deg F.
Steam treat at 450 deg F.
Chill and Filter
Add preservatives
Add anti-foam agent (silicone)
Ship in dark glass
Eat before expiration date
(Monitor for rancidity)


Whole /Crushed Seed Oils

RAW Whole Seeds
Freeze seeds
Grind entire seed into flour

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Im still not comfortable recommending that

people eat saturated fat with abandon, but its
clear to me that sugar, flour and

oxidized seed oils

create inflammatory effects and the body that
almost certainly bear most of the responsibility
for elevating heart disease risk.
Andrew Weil, M.D

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Precautions to Slow Down Oxidation of Seed Oils

Air, heat and light speed up oxidation. Here are some tips for slowing it down.
Buy oil bottles from the back of the market shelves where it's darker.
Choose oils packed in tinted glass containers, or wrap clear bottles in foil.
Check expiration dates carefully. Since most shelf-stable trans fats have been
replaced with healthier but more oxidation-prone fats, don't expect processed foods
to last as long as they used to.
Stop eating deep-fried foods and don't reuse spent cooking oil.
Store cooking oil, whole-grain flours and nuts in dry, cool, dark places.
Choose oils packed in tinted glass containers, or wrap clear bottles in foil.
Re-cap oils right after pouring and refrigerate
Stop eating deep-fried foods and don't reuse spent cooking oil.
BEST to buy organic non-GMO, whole, raw unsalted seeds nuts (naturally rich in oils)
Then freeze them and grind a portion of frozen seed/nut every day!

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -


Dont simply Eat the Seeds.
Eat the raw, crushed
WHOLE Seeds!
Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

The Typical Healthy Meal

But so incomplete.

You threw out the most

nutrient dense, DNA/RNA
rich part of the plant!

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

eat the

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

SMEAR the Seeds!

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -



Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

The top 3 anti-Inflammatory Seeds are in SOUL

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Soul as Anti-Inflammatory Food

8-10 serving of organic FRUIT

3 servings of
organic OILS

8-10 servings of organic VEGETABLES


Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Core is packed
with nutrients from all
kinds of seeds and
Within Core is Kale
Chlorophyllin, Aloe
Vera, Spirulina, Wheat
Dandelion, Chlorella,
Milk Thistle Seed,
Cranberry Seed and
Black Cumin Seed !

for healthy
Liver, Kidney


Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

FORM is made from organic, non-GMO, clean burning seeds including cacao
Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Convenience = Compliance
SOUL for regeneration and anti-inflammation
CORE for detoxification and alkalization
FORM for anabolic restoration protein powder
Centisble solutions available from:
Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Dont Miss Out!

Grind up the entire organic
avacado pit, skin and fruit in a smoothie or iced nut milk
The Seed Doctors Favorite!
Nut milk (fresh blended)
Raw Honey
Entire organic avacado
Fresh ground Nutmeg
Fresh ground Vanilla bean
Ice (organic and non-GMO
i.e. no fluoride/chlorine)

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

"I have great faith

in a seed.
Convince me
that you have a
seed there,
and I am prepared
to expect wonders.
Henry David Thoreau
The Succession of Forest Trees
Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Eat the Seeds!

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

If you have questions for the

Seed Doctor
Feel free to Contact:
Bradford S. Weeks, M.D.
TEL 360-341-2303
FAX 360-341-2313
skype bradfordweeks

Nigella Sativa (black cumin) has neuro-protective, nephroprotective, lung protective, cardio-protective, hepato-protective
activities as established by previous studies on animals.
The current study demonstrates the role of NS in enhancing memory,
attention and cognition.
Therefore, whether NS could be considered as potential food
supplement for preventing or slow progressing of Alzheimer disease
needs further investigations.
The effect of Nigella sativa Linn. seed on memory, attention and cognition in healthy human volunteers
Muhammad Shahdaat Bin Sayeed. Journal of Ethnopharmacology Volume 148, Issue 3. 30 July 2013, Pages 780786

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Essential Oil Composition (1.4%)


Black Seed Oil


Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Fatty Acids
Myristic Acid (C14:0)
Palmitic Acid (C16:0)
Palmitoleic Acid (C16:1)
Stearic Acid (C18:0)
Oleic Acid (C18:1)
Linoleic Acid (C18:2)(Omega-6)
Linolenic Acid (18:3n-3) (Omega-3)
Arachidic Acid (C20:0)
Saturated & Unsaturated Fatty Acids
Saturated Acid
Monounsaturated Acids
Polyunsaturated Acids

Black Seed Oil.

Black Seed Oil

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Nutritional Value

Black Seed Oil

208 ug/g
57 ug/g
610 IU/g
1.859 mg/g
105 ug/g
18 ug/g
60 ug/g
5.265 mg/g

Nutritional Composition

Black Cumin Seed


Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Fifteen amino acids make up the protein content of the Black Cumin
(Nigella sativa) Seed, including eight of the nine essential amino acids.
Essential amino acids cannot be synthesized within our body in
sufficient quantities and are thus required from our diet.
Black seed contains Arginine which is essential for infant growth.

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -

Fifteen amino acids make up the protein content of the Black Cumin
(Nigella sativa) Seed, including eight of the nine essential amino acids.
Essential amino acids cannot be synthesized within our body in
sufficient quantities and are thus required from our diet.
Black seed contains Arginine which is essential for infant growth.

Alternative Health Advocates 2015 -