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Tell if it tells a character, a

setting, or an event.

1. Crocky, the crocodile

2. In the river
3. One cold night
4. Maria Makiling never
showed herself to the people

5. The president visited the typhoon victim

Paru-parong Bukid

-to take a bite gently

is a silky case of an
insect that serves as

The Very

By Eric Carle

In the light of the

moon, a little egg lay on
a leaf. One Sunday
morning, the sun came
up and pop-out of the
egg came a tiny and
very hungry caterpillar.
He started to look for

On Monday, he ate through

one apple. But he was still
hungry. On Tuesday, he ate
through two pears, but he
was still hungry. On
Wednesday, he ate through
three plums, but he was still
hungry. On Thursday, he ate
through four strawberries but
he was still hungry. On
Friday, he ate through five
oranges, but he was still

On Saturday, he ate through

one piece of chocolate cake,
one ice cream cone, one
pickle, one slice of Swiss
cheese, one slice of salami,
one lollipop, one piece of
cherry pie, one sausage, one
cupcake and one slice of
watermelon. That night he
had a stomachache!

The next day was Sunday

once again. The caterpillar
ate through one nice
green leaf. And after that,
he felt much better.

Now he wasnt hungry

anymore and he wasnt a
little caterpillar. He built a
small house, called a
cocoon, around himself. He
stayed there inside for
more than two weeks.
Then he, nibbled a hole in
the cocoon, pushed his
way out, and he was a
beautiful butterfly.

Comprehension check-up:

a. What was laid on the leaf?

b. When did the caterpillar come out?
c. What did he do after coming out?
d. Why do you think he
started looking for food?
e. What did he eat on
Monday? on Wednesday?
on Friday? on Saturday?

f. Do you think he was

satisfied after eating all
of food?
g. What
happened to him
that Saturday night?
h. After eating a leaf, how did he feel?
i. What happened to
him after two weeks in
j. Is cocoon?
it right to eat too
much? Why/Why not?

To sequence events is
to arrange the events
according to how they
happened in the story.

Arrange the events by numbering 14.

____One evening, Rhodora went to sleep
without fixing her schoolthings. While she
was sleeping, she was interrupted by some

____It was her schoolthings the bag, books,

notebooks, pens and papers that came alive!

____Her school things were mad at her for

not fixing them.

____Rhodora asked forgiveness from her

schoolthings and promised to take care of
them. Suddenly, she opened her eyes
realizing everything was just a dream.

Arrange the events by numbering 14.

____Pepito saw an old woman who was
hardly crossing the street.

____He approached the old woman and

offered help and the latter gladly
accepted the offer.

____When the two reached the other

side of the street, the old woman
rewarded Pepito a big seed.

____When Pepito came home, he

planted the big seed. The next
morning he found a money tree on the
place where he put the seed!

The Thirsty Crow

By Aesop

There was once a thirsty crow.

He wanted to drink water from a
pitcher left on the table on the
porch. However, the mouth of the
pitcher was too small for the crow
to get in; besides, the bird did
not want to get wet. The bottom
of the pitcher was deep and the
water was shallow. The crow
could not reach the water though
he extended his head and beak
inside the pitcher while perched
upon the pitchers mouth.

He raised his head up and

looked around, when
something caught his eye and
gave him an idea. He flew
down to the ground and
began picking up pebbles. He
dropped them one at a time
into the pitcher. Slowly, the
water inside the pitcher rose.
Afterwards, the crow drank
one sip at a time until

Arrange the events below in the sequence they

happened in the story. Write the number 1 5.

_________An idea came to him after he

realized he couldnt drink from the
_________The crow couldnt drink
because the mouth of the pitcher was
too small for him to get in.
_________He flew down on the ground,
picked up pebbles, and dropped them
one at a time into the pitcher.
_________The water rose and the crow
drank until he was satisfied.
_________A thirsty crow wanted to drink
from a pitcher

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