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aDewrell India is a famous soft drink manufacturer,
manufactures ±
Toff (orange drink) & Quench (lemon drink).

a Indian cola market is now in hands of two big

American companies ± Dappy & Bart.

a Viren mitta ± CEO of Dewrell India.

a Arun Kurien ± Old CEO of Dewrell India.

a Vishvesh vaidya ± Marketing manager of DI

a Dappy and Bart were running Orange and
Lemon segment also.
a Because of that Kurein was doubtful in Dewrell¶s
orange and lemon segment.
a Kurien desired to enter into COLA segment,
where Dappy and Bart in peak to beat them in
soft drink market.
a Now, mitta starts Perron cola and there is some
other reasons to enter into Cola segment.
Dewrell¶s reasons going for COLA
a Dewrell should compete with Dappy and Bart because
they are obstructing Dewrell in soft drink manufacturing.
a Since they are in peak in cola segment, Dewrell has to
pull down them, so Dewrell choosed the strategy to
enter into cola segment.
a Cola segment is moreover a youth segment, if Dewrell
covers this youth segment it automatically raise their
brand loyalty in soft drink market.
a Cola segment occupies 50% of soft drink market, so to
complete the companies range, Dewrell likes to enter
into cola segment.
a Cola segment also increases bottlers and distributors
volume, through retail shops
a In international portfolio (parent company in Greece)
they are using a cola brand ± Perron.
a Each and every segment products has three sales
attributes : Product, image, price differentiations.
a Product differentiation is not easy - create new.
a Image differentiation is also cost so high, Dewrell
cant afford that.
a Price differentiation surely work well in Indian
market, so Dewrell launched Rs.6 ± 300ml Perron
cola ± 25 % cheap than rival (where rival products
are Rs.8 ± 300ml )
a Vaidya wants visibility and awareness, since all
medium are so expensive, he choose hoading
medium (Cheapest medium) ± hired 150 hoading for
long term.
a At the same time, Mitta don¶t want dewrell to lose its
premium image, so they put dewrell¶s name in small
letter in hoarding and then they removed the name
a Dewrell introduced parron as it is exclusively made
for Indian economy market.
a To tackle the Dappy and Bart consumer, Dewrell
has to pull down rivals brand image ± so it promotes
as ³ A cola is a cola is a cola´.
a Dewrell exposed parron cola as fun brand and by
above methods it encourage the consumer to rebel
against its rivals
a Both Dappy and Bart are leading manufacturers in
cola segment, so we have observe their growth and
a Price differentiation can be easily tackled by them
by using a strategy ± Rs.6 ± 200 ml (To cover the
non loyal consumers).
a It is not easy to push their images down by insisting
³don¶t take image seriously´ but they always says ³
Take image seriously´.
a Media labelled perron as unoriginal, copycat.
a All Dappy and Bart drinkers feel them as Americans
but dewrells Low price itself expose it as ³I am not
branded, trendy and I am not westernised´.
a Moreover youth segment never mind of
spending Rs.2 or 3 extra for their brand and
a Image of Dappy and Bart are made
stronger by ambassadors like Shahruk
khan, Sachin Tendulkar. Its not easy to
demolish their image.
a Consumer don¶t want to have cheaper cola.
This cause perron cola a discernible
Retailer¶s voice
a Dewrell¶s image has gained in leaps and bounds
on the strength of its orange drink, Toff.
a Cola segment is main in soft drink market,
perron cola will surely slowdown the volume of
Dappy and Bart products and bottlers.
a Retailers are forced to distribute orange and
lemon products of Dappy and Bart Cola
a Even though Dappy and Bart priced Rs.8,if it
served chilled at Rs.9 ± 10 to those who are in
image feel, they don¶t mind it, so it really expose
the difference between Rs.6 and 9
a Vidya wooed retailers because they
enthusiastically stocked Perron.
a With the image of Toff and quincer, retailer
sells Dewrell¶s cola product at Rs.8,it will
really increase the Margin value, it will
lead to more distribution of perron.
Consumer Behaviour
a In our economic India, consumer eye will be
always on Price, so this Price differentiation will
really works.

a Even though the American company lowers their

price by 25% it automatically lowers its quantity
by 33%.(Rs.6 ± 200ml)

a If Perron is sold for Rs.8(chilled),consumer will

change to Parron because for Rs.8 they can
only feel warm American feel.
Ex., Tamilnadu sales and marketing corporation
(state Official liquor suppliers - India)
a Indians are fun lovers, they surely loves to try to
be like a American in Indian economy, so they
surly accept Parron.
a Brand loyalty stands until the product retains its
image. For Rivals Image is made by big
celebrities, if they once advertise Perron,
consumer will change to perron.
a Consumers are aware of toff and quench taste
and brand, so when they come to know perron a
product from Dewrell they really accept it and
vice versa.
a Youth always like to taste new brands.
a The main objective of Dewrell to launch cola is not
of market leadership, they just want to have more
bottlers and retailers to get volumes and to get a
complete portfolio.
a At the same time, it has to satisfy the retailer (by
allowing to sell at Rs.8),customers(quality at low
a General liquidity crisis also affects soft drink industry
too, because of that there is 35-40 % increase in
price. At this time this Perron will really worthy.
a A cola is a cola is cola will really works.
a Marketers are not black, orange, white they are
adults, teenagers or children. Toff will shines
because of this perron ± cola strategy.