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DTI is the circulation software used by most publications.
It provides subscription and distribution management.
We host DTI through Amazon Web Services.
Access through:
Morris Technology supports DTI with new user creation,
installation problems, and Java security Issues.

Fixing Java Issue

First: Make sure Java 7.21 is the only Java installed.
If a different version is installed, uninstall all versions
and re-install 7.21 from web page.
If problem persists: Disable mixed code
Under the Java settings in Control Panel >advanced tab.
Advanced > Security > Mixed code (sandboxed vs. trusted)
security verification > Disable.

Logging in to DTI
Run Putty
as the Host Name.
Type Circulation under Saved
Sessions and select Save.
Connection Type: SSH
Port: 22

Logging in to DTI cont.

New window will appear.
Login as: root
Type: su admin to start
This screen should

Creating a New User

Use arrow keys to move and enter to
F4= Go back to the previous menu or
Navigate to: System Administration
Menu >Security Menu>User
User ID max: 7 characters, Property
and name abbreviation.

Username: Property name followed

by the users full name.

>Add >Exit

Granting Menu Access

Select Menu Security
Jump to Custom Menu
Modify the state and then jump to
the property inside the State and
modify that as well.
If the user is from Gainesville or
Forsyth, they only need access to
Circulation on the first page
(Modify Circulation).
To Modify, scroll to the users
name on the desired menu and
press enter to place an * beside
their name.

Setting User Profiles

Navigate back to the main
>Custom Menu >State >
Ex: >Custom Menu >Georgia
>CM Covington

If the property is Gainesville or

Forsyth, start >Circulation
from the main menu
>Setup >System >Security
>User Profile & User Profile
CR >Copy

Setting User Profiles Cont.

Under User Name type the User ID of
a person from the same property who
will have the same profile as the user
you are creating and press enter.
The preferences of that user should
Delete the user name and type the
user name for the user you have
Enter in their full name >enter through
all their preferences.
After you have entered SPOOL
SECURITY a confirmation message
should appear.
Do the same for User Profile-CR

Setting Password
Exit out of circulation.
Type bash and press
Type: passwd
Ex: passwd cvricks

This will prompt you to

type in a password.
Test the user by logging
su cvricks