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What is Pag-IBIG FUND?

Pag – tutulungan sa Kinabukasan
– Ikaw
B – Bangko
– Industriya
G – Gobyerno

What is Republic Act 9679?
• An Act further strengthening the Home Development
Mutual Fund, and for other purposes
• Was approved into law by Pres. Gloria MacapagalArroyo on 21 July 2009
• Increased the scope of power and function of the
Fund through the Board of Trustees who are
appointed by the President of the Philippines
• Provided for the tax exemption status of the Fund
• Increased scope of mandatory membership coverage
of the Fund

Modified Pag-IBIG II Program 4. Provident Savings Program 3. Multi-Purpose Loan 4.3. Lending Programs 4.4. Retail 4. Calamity Loan 4.1.2. Home Lending 4. Institutional/Wholesale .4. Membership Program PROGRAMS 2.2.CORPORATE 1.1.

All employees compulsorily covered by the SSS 2. Uniformed members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.MEMBERSHIP Mandatory Coverage and Membership of PROGRAM Employees 1. the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology. Filipinos employed by foreign-based employers . and the Philippine National Police 4. the Bureau of Fire Protection. All employees subject to mandatory coverage by the GSIS 3.

the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology. the Bureau of Fire Protection. and the Philippine National Police . Employers of employees subject of mandatory coverage by the GSIS 3. The Armed Forces of the Philippines. Employers of employees compulsorily covered by the SSS 2.MEMBERSHIP Mandatory Coverage of Employers PROGRAM 1.

Spouses who devote full time to managing household and family affairs. Employees of an employer who is granted a waiver or suspension . 2. Filipino employees of foreign government or international organization. or their wholly-owned instrumentality based in the Philippines 3.MEMBERSHIP VoluntaryPROGRAM Coverage 1.

or ceased to be employed. local or abroad. Leaders and members of religious groups 5. Other earning groups as may be determined by the . Public officials or employees who are not covered by the GSIS such as barangay officials 7. A member separated from employment. but would like to continue paying Pag-IBIG contributions 6.MEMBERSHIP VoluntaryPROGRAM Coverage 4.

SALIENT FEATURES OF THE SAVINGS PROGRA  Doubles/triples your money  Annual dividend earning  Portability of Savings  Return of Contributions  Government-guaranteed contributions Tax-Free  Availment term) of loan programs (long and short- .

however.500 or less More than 1.00 A member may be allowed to contribute more than what is required should he or she desire.000.500 Contribution Rates EE ER 1% 2% 2% 2% Maximum monthly compensation = P5.EXISTING CONTRIBUTION RATES (since 1986) Monthly Compensation P1. shall only be mandated to contribute what is required unless he or she agrees to match the member’s increased contribution. The employer. .


the employer counterpart contributions (if any) and the dividend earnings credited to the member’s account:  Retirement (ages 45.GROUNDS FOR WITHDRAWAL OF SAVINGS Upon the occurrence of any of the following contingencies. 60. Pag-IBIG Fund guarantees the refund of a members’ accumulated savings. and 65)  Death  Permanent and total disability or insanity  Permanent departure from the country  Separation from the service due to health reason . which consist of the member’s accumulated contributions.

GROUNDS FOR WITHDRAWAL OF SAVINGS  Membership Maturity (20 years or 240 months of continuous contribution)  Optional Withdrawal  Other causes as may be approved by the Board .

MULTI-PURPOSE LOAN (MPL) PROGRAM Short-term financial which can be availed Pag-IBIG members for any of the following: a) minor home improvement b) livelihood c) medical d) educational e) purchase of appliance and furniture f) other needs by .

LOAN AMOUNT An eligible borrower's loan entitlement shall depend on the number of contributions made. based on the following schedule: No. of Contributions Loan Amount 24-59 months Up to 60% of TAV 60-119 months Up to 70% of TAV At Least 120 months Up to 80% of TAV .

75% per annum for the duration of the loan. LOAN RELEASE Check  LBP Account  LBP Cash Card (in the pipeline)  Citibank Cash Card (in the pipeline)  . LOAN TERM Maximum period of twenty-four (24) months with grace period of 2 months for local accounts and 5 months for centralized accounts.INTEREST RATE 10.

Collecting Agents (IRemit. and Metro Bank) 5. Asian United Bank. Auto-debit arrangements with banks 4. Ventaja. Salary deduction for employed members 2. Over-the-counter at Pag-IBIG Branches. Pag-IBIG Posts (in selected Middle East countries) . for voluntary members 3. Philippine National Bank.LOAN PAYMENT 1.

Dubai Kuwait Qatar 15. Milan 8. Brunei 4. 18. 16. Athens 9. 17. Abu 7. Hongkong 3. Rome 11. Madrid 10. Riyadh Jeddah Alkhobar Bahrain . Korea 6. 12. Singapore Dhabi 2. London 13. Taiwan 5.PIOG SATELLITE OFFICE Asia-Pacific East Europe Middle 1. 14.

For borrowers paying their loans through automatic salary deduction. The said penalties shall then be charged against the employer. penalties shall be cancelled/reversed only upon presentation of proof that non-payment was due to the fault of the employer.PENALTY RATE ½% of any unpaid amount for every month of delay. LOAN RENEWAL Payment of at least six (6) amortizations .

.Borrower’s Eligibility  Member must have made at least 24 monthly contributions  With active Fund membership at the time of application with the commitment from both the employee and employer to continuously remit contributions at least for the term of the loan.

75% interest rate  payable in 2 years .CALAMITY LOAN PROGRAM  80% of member’s total contributions  Resident of a declared calamitystricken area  10.

00  Term : five (5) years  Savings are entitled to a preferential dividend rate  Higher than that of Pag-IBIG I. .00  Rate of contribution : Php500.WHAT IS THE MODIFIED PAG-IBIG II PROGRAM?  A voluntary savings program for Pag-IBIG members  Open to all Pag-IBIG I members and OFWs with a  Monthly gross income exceeding Php5.000.

* Dividend Rate is 6% .

HOME LENDING PROGRAMS Lowest Interest Rate Highest Loan to Collateral Ratio Longest Loan Term .

 Construction or completion of a residential unit on a lot owned by the member.  Refinancing of an existing loan.  Home improvement.LOAN PURPOSE The Pag-IBIG housing loan may be used to finance any of the following:  Purchase of a fully developed lot  Purchase of a residential house and lot. and  Combination of loan purposes . townhouse or  condominium unit.

either as principal borrower or coborrower  Had no Pag-IBIG housing loan that was foreclosed. bought back or subjected to Dacion En Pago .BORROWER’S ELIGIBILITY  Must be a Pag-IBIG member for at least 24 months  Not more than 70 years old at loan maturity and must be insurable  Has the legal capacity to acquire and encumber real property  Has passed satisfactory background/credit and employment business checks of the developer and Pag-IBIG Fund  Has no outstanding Pag-IBIG loan. cancelled.

Contribution . Loan-to-collateral Ratio * Net Disposable Income 4.3M LOAN AMOUNT Maximum of P3M. capacity to pay (40% of NDI*) 2. which shall be based on the lowest of the following: 1. Actual need 1M 2M 3.

250 ENTITLEMENT BASED ON CONTRIBUTION MONTHLY CONTRIBUTION LOAN ENTITLEMENT (Effective April.3M .2.9M 800 1.1M .9M 300 600T .2.7M .2.400 2.4M 550 1.0M .2M 450 900T .450 2.1.4M .4M .6M 650 2.2M 1.2.1M 400 800T .3M .200 2.1M .0M 1. 2009) 200 500T 850 1.5M 600 1.5M 1.8M .1.1M 1.800T 1.300 2.050 2.1.600T 900 1.9M .2.7M .5M .7M 1.9M .8M .1.6M .700T 950 1.7M 700 1.1.350 2.900T 1.6M .5M .3M 500 1.0M .2M .8M 750 1.2.3M 1.2M . 2009) MONTHLY CONTRIBUTION LOAN ENTITLEMENT (Effective April.6M 1.1.0M 350 700T .8M 250 500T .4M 1.0M .100 2.150 2.1.

21 P3.5% P7.13 P19.989.5% P18.689.84 P1.5% P13.757.5M 10.893.5M 11.302.0M 11.708.42 P1.72 P2.09 P34.29 P61.96 P2.5% P29.0M 8.271.20 P5.995.77 P12.294.721.79 P45.74 P74.222.0M 10.398.86 .736.5% P24.474.SAMPLE COMPUTATION LOAN INTERES T MONTHLY REQUIRED NDI PACKAGE RATE AMORTIZATIO N (Amort / 40%) P400K 6% P2.51 P750K 7% P4.

LOAN TERM   Loan Amount Up to P3M Term Up to 30 yrs .


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