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Standards Workshop
Chip Evans
Manager Global Industry Services
American Petroleum Institute
April 2014

APIs Supplier Certification Program

Presentation covers:

APIs Monogram Program

How Manufacturers Qualify
How Manufacturers Benefit
How Users Benefit
How to Locate Licensees
By the Numbers

APIs Monogram Program

Established in 1924 to facilitate the availability of safe,
interchangeable equipment and materials for general use in the
petroleum drilling and production industry.

API product standards promote equipment interchangeability and

include elements of safety to reduce risk to people and operations

Monogram facilitates the availability of equipment by identifying

manufacturers able to comply with API product standards

APIs Monogram Program

What it is:
A certification program that identifies manufacturers of new
equipment in accordance with an API product standard while
operating in accordance APIs quality management standard
What it is not:
A certification scheme required of manufacturers to sell products
into the USA

How API Standards Join the

Monogram Program

Manufacturers and Users decide to standardize a product

An API Committee is formed and a standard is written

The Standard is reviewed for auditability and revised, if necessary

API Staff and API Auditors are trained in the use of the Standard

The Standard joins the Monogram Program

How Manufacturers Qualify

Manufacturers must implement and maintain at all times QMSs compliant with API Spec Q1
API Spec Q1 includes 93 requirements in addition to ISO 9001
Manufacturers must have the technical capability to comply with an API product standard
79 API product specifications covering approximately 315 products
66 upstream standards, 9 downstream standards, 4 supply chain standards
Manufacturers must successfully pass an intensive on-site API audit
All API certification decisions are made by API staff in Washington DC - centralized
All licensees pledge to maintain this level of quality and technical capability

How Manufacturers Benefit

API product standards include requirements manufacturers accept
Manufacturers supply what customers need using purchasing Annexes
in API standards
Manufacturers realize improvements in quality by complying with APIs
industry specification QMS standard

How Manufacturers Benefit

Manufacturers improve technically through API product specifications

Licensees learn best practices

Licensees have minimum facility requirements

Licensees perform tests and inspections

Employees are technically capable

Manufacturers reach new markets domestically and internationally

How Users Benefit

API product standards include requirements Users accept
Users order want they need using purchasing Annexes in API
Users save time and money with fewer supplier audits
Users report non-conforming Monogram-marked equipment

How Users Benefit

Only Monogram Licensees may apply the Monogram mark to products

APIs Monogram mark and the Manufacturers name are both found on
the licensed product
Users have access to thousands of API pre-qualified equipment

How to Locate Licensees

The API Composite List:
Search by

Company Name

Certificate Number

API Standard

Updated daily

Monogram Licensees in Russia

By the Numbers
API in Russia
Licensed Companies

API Worldwide

66 Companies licensed or applying

4332 Licensed or Applying

Applications from Russia doubled

previous best in 2012

7,249 Licenses
72 Countries
20% USA and 80% non-USA

Qualified Auditors

5 Auditors

150 Auditors

Most popular API Specs

API Specs 5CT, 5L, 6D, 7-1, 10A

Same, but includes API Spec 6A

Upstream, Downstream, Supply Chain

API Resources

Russian Register in Petersburg

Offices in Houston, Beijing, Singapore,

Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, and soon Europe


Monogram Program was created for industry by industry

Monogram Program is managed by an industry committee of
Manufacturers and Users
Monogram licensees meet APIs high standards for quality and
ALL licensees are manufacturers with capabilities proven through
intensive on-site API audits
Russian participation in the Monogram Program is growing
API seeks new relationships (MOUs) with Russian organizations to
expand the knowledge of API standards and certifications

Standards Workshop

Chip Evans
Manager Global Industry Services