y Serves as a cross functional enterprise backbone.

y Installed as a conceptual framework and catalyst for

Re-engineering their Business processes . y Served as vital software engine . y Recognized as necessary ingredient.

y ERP is the technological backbone of e-business , an

enterprise wide transaction framework with links into sales order processing , inventory management and control production and distribution planning , and finance. y ERP gives a company an integrated real-time view of core business processes. y ERP software consist of integrated modules of manufacturing , sales , accounting , and human resource applications.

y Manufacturing processes supported by ERP: 
Material Requirement planning  Production planning  Capacity planning

‡ Sales and Marketing processes : 
Sales analysis  Sales planning  Pricing analysis

‡ Human Resource processes: 
Personnel Requirement planning  Salary and Benefit administration

y To enable improved business performance  Cycle Time Reduction  Increase Business agility  Inventory Reduction  Order fulfillment improvement ‡ To support business growth requirements  New products/ product lines , new customers.  Global requirements including multiple languages and currencies. ‡ To provide flexible, integrated, real time , decision

Improve responsiveness across the organization

y To take advantage of the untapped mid-market  Increased functionality at a reasonable cost  Client Server /open systems technology  Vertical market solutions

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Business Integration Increased Flexibility Better Analysis and Planning Capabilities Use of Latest Technology Reduction of Lead time On-time Shipment Reduction in Cycle time Improved Resource Utilization Better Customer Satisfaction Improved Supplier Performance Reduced Quality Related Costs Improved Information Accuracy and Decision making Capability

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Very difficult and costly to build Large Technology Investments Fundamental changes in the way the Business operates Employees will have to take on new job functions and responsibilities Many Companies fail because of a wrong product , incompetent and haphazard implementation , and inefficient or ineffective usage Procedures become Automated Require complex pieces of software and large investments of time , money, and expertise Difficult to make changes

y Pre-evaluation Screening y Package Evaluation y Project Planning y Gap Analysis y Reengineering y Configuration y Implementation Team Training y Testing y Going Live y End-User Training y Post-Implementation

y Hardware y Software y Reengineering y Data Conversions y Training and Change Management y Data Conversions

y Flexible ERP yWeb Enabled ERP "Interenterprise ERP ‡ E-business ERP

y Change Management Programs y Fast Conversion Process y Insufficient Training y Overreliance by Company

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