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Smallest unit of sound in a language

which can distinguish two words

Meaning Distinguisher
Phoneme : A minimal unit of sound capable of
distinguishing words of different meaning
e.g. pin-bin

Families of Sound
Phoneme : A group of one or more phone-types
that are phonetically similar either in
complementary distribution or in free variation
e.g. /l/ [l],[l],[l]
/p/ [p ],[p],[p ]

Two words in a language which differ from

each other by only one distinctive sound
(one phoneme) and also differ in meaning
Example: Pear bear /pe/ - /be/

Initial : /kt/-/rt/
Medial: /ip/- /i:p/
Final : /bd/-/ bd/

Any different forms of a phoneme

A Phone-type(s) which belongs to a phoneme
e.g. /l/


/p/ [p ],[p],[p ]
/-s/ /-s/, /-z/, /-iz/
/-d/ /-t/, /-d/, /-id/