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Akhmettayev Muhammeddiyar

Rustam Kempirov
Mazyarkina Yekaterina

1.National curriculum

2.Students in Japan spend,

240 days a year at school

3.Spend money but not too


1. Own curriculum

2. Students in United States

spend 180 days a year at

3. Spends a considerable
amount of money on

Japanese schools incorporate Federal government decides on

a national curriculum created
what each school must teach
by the Japanese Ministry of

To make sure that every

student receives the exact
same education

Students across the country

receive vastly different qualities
of education
(Different distribution of

1. To sum up the whole time at

students spend
13 years
2. 3 terms (without extended
3. Academic year begins in
April and ends in March.

1. Spend 12 years at school

2. 3 terms
3. Long summer break may
cause students to lose their
(10 11 weeks)



1. Singapore

1. Singapore

2. Korea

2. Korea

3. Japan

3. Japan

4. Hong Kong

4. Hong Kong

5. Netherlands

5. Belgium

6. Czech Republic

6. Czech Republic

7. Austria

7. Slovak Republic

8. Slovenia

8. Switzerland

9. Ireland

9. Netherlands

10. Hungary

10. Slovenia

12. United States

28. UnitedStates



1. Korea

1. Singapore

2. Japan

2. Czech Republic

3. United States

3. Japan

4. Austria

4. Korea

5. Australia

5. Bulgaria

6. Netherlands

6. Netherlands

7. Czech Republic

7. Slovenia

8. England

8. Austria

9. Canada

9. Hungary

10. Singapore

10. England
17. UnitedStates

New equipment
Much less spendings than
America on
Nonacademic subjects

New equipment
Transportation (school buses )
Nonacademic subjects


choice among 4k different univ-s and colleges of U.S.

-Problem: students want to study in Harvard, Princeton, Yale or
-4 different kinds of univ-s.
-1st type: research univ-s.
-broad learning before specializing
-liberally educated: developing independent and critical
thinking, ability of speaking, writing and thinking creatively
-3 types of univ-s: research, comprehensive and liberal arts
-choice: public or private (Michigan vs. Harvard)
-only research univ-s are included in national ranking
-big name is not the reason to choose
-lib. Arts univ-s are for undergraduates
-research univ-s are for doctoral students(PhD)
-compreh. univ-s are for undergraduates and master students
-think about which category to choose: Phd, Master or
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