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September, 2015

National Content Establish a methodology to measure national Content and verify its compliance. 1 . 6 .Mandate Art 46. 2014 2 Create a Specialized Unit (TRANSITIONAL EIGHTEENTH) 5 4 Collect information to measure national content for hydrocarbon and electricity industries Art 125.Supplier development . Art 125. Published August 11. Information 1 . Advisory boardan Advisory Board Create to assist in the design of policies to foster development of domestic suppliers.Attracting Art 127. Trust investment Fund Create a fund to strengthen national suppliers and contractors. Supplier Registry 3 Create a national registry of domestic suppliers to identify their development needs.Industrial development . Art 125. Public Design Policy strategies for: Art 46.

National Content Methodology Mandate: To ensure that each contract for exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons includes a minimum percentage of local content. Sources of local content: Purchase of domestic goods Domestic Labor Technology transfer Training Infrastructure Services 2 .

National Content Methodology Goods Labor Services Training Technolog Infrastructu y transfer re   Percentage of local content Mexican Local Content 25% 35% 2015 2025 Exploration and Extraction of 3 .

Methodology for calculating local content Goods Labor Accumulated value of transformation made in Mexico along the whole supply chain Payroll of National workers Services Training Technolog y transfer Infrastructu re Expenditures on the transfer of knowledge to National goods and improve the effectiveness labor used in and efficiency in the services production of a good. the implementation of a process or the provision of a service Porvided to national workers Expenses incurred in Mexico to improve the urban and rural environment Investment in national territory 4 .

the National Hydrocarbons Commission will be notified and the sanction established in the contract will be applied. 5 . In case of default.Verifying local content Ministry of Economics Support from third parties (Own resources) Hybrid scheme Verify compliance of requirements in each contract.

through financing schemes and support programs for training. in order to close the gaps in technical capacity and quality.Supplier Development Implement a supported by: supplier Supplier Registry Showcase national companies interested in participating in the industry and identify their development needs development program Public Trust to improve National Suppliers and Contractors´ capacity Promote the development and competitiveness of local and national suppliers and contractors. research and certification. with attention to small and medium 6 enterprises .

Regulatory CANACINTRA. UVM Permanent Guests PEMEX CFE 7 . CONCANACOCommission SERVYTUR UNAM.Advisory Board Advisory Board for the Hydrocarbon Industry - - Advisory Board for the Electricity Industry Members of the Board .Ministry of Energy Ministry of Energy . COPARMEX.Ministry of Ministry of Economics Economics . CONCAMIN. SISTEMA ITESM.Energy Regulatory National Hydrocarbons Commission Commission EnergyCCE.