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but not only worrying. . and this owes to itself to the recent climate changes that they are presenting about the whole world.The topic of the Ecological Houses is of certain form newly. for what there is a group of persons that it worries. but it does something to change this.

And as well as in the whole world one presents the climate change. because with the elements that it has. among other things. recycling. from his structure.Haga clic en el icono para agregar una imagen A good way of helping is with the Ecological Houses. not using and spending fossil fuels. of equal form in . it helps to the environment contaminating much less. improving the quality of the air. up to with that it works.

Characteristics of the Green houses .

*Placement of skirting board or zoclo to cover the system of heating (H) . *Placement of floors on insulating materials (E).*Materials like the solar cells (A) *The use of thermal materials like the crystals of the windows (C) *The terraces with sliding blinds (D) *Placement of cellulose caps placed under a cap of cork on which there are placed the tiles that cover the ceiling (B).

paper or wood recycled. *Employment of devices domestic appliances with low energy consumption and systems of water saving (K). *Use of bricks or insulating thermal partitions and of noise made with cork. *Establishment of vegetable caps in diverse sites (G) .*Isolation of walls with cork or some another cap of cellulose that helps to isolate the space (I and J). cellulose. · *Utilization of hollow bricks that favor the isolation of the dampness and of the noise (L). between others (F).

to facilitate the collection of water. Air conditioning plant: plant facade system that cools and purifies the air is used. .EXAMPLE OF THIS HOUSES • The house has a gable roof sloping inward. the air is recirculated through the ventilation system and devulve room through the facade plant planted passing through the substrate and vegetation. • The system is simple. The fluid is led into an adjoining tank housing where it carries out its purification.

• The insulation panels used in walls and roofs came from old newspapers paper. • The interior finishes. in the case of the bathrooms and kitchen are made from cork and recycled glass bottles and in the other rooms by a cluster of chips from the lumber mills. .Haga clic en el icono para agregar una imagen • The property consists of the following materials: • The supporting structure is made from two shipping containers • The facades and have a finished cover made from recycled aluminum cans.