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Technology and
Informatics in Health Care
NURS 303
Course Orientation

Steps to Success

Read through syllabus completely

Ask questions you may have following reading the syllabus

Communicate with your peers and instructor on a regular


Be sure you have the technology needed for the course

and that it is in working order

Commit at least 9 hours per week to preparation and

participation in this class

Do keep up; It is nearly impossible to catch back up.


All course communication will be through the course in

Moodle using Quickmail

Students are responsible for checking course email at

least daily

Course email is the primary way to reach the instructor.

If no response is given within 24hrs, please email
through Samford email or call the office number listed
on the syllabus

Please email the instructor to make an appointment.

Appointments can be in person or by phone.


All assignments will be posted in the week they are

assigned and on the calendar

Due dates are set dates. If you are not going to make a due
date, you must discuss options with the instructor prior to
the original date. Make up work will be at the discretion of
the instructor.

All written work must be typed in APA(6th ed.) format

All work must be electronically submitted through the

assignments tab

Read all comments/feedback on assignments prior to

completing future assignments


Grades will be posted in the grade book on Moodle

Comments/feedback will be sent through course email

Please make an appointment to discuss any questions

regarding assignments and/or grading within 5
business days of the grade being posted


In class attendance is mandatory for orientation and for

the final presentation

Participation in online class discussions will also be


Will be assessed by completion of all assignments by

the published due date

Academic Integrity

Refer to the syllabus and student handbook for the SU

Academic Integrity policy

All work is to be independent unless otherwise stated

All work is to be cited in APA format (6th ed)

Netiquette is expected in all electronic interactions.

This will be discussed in Unit 1. You may also refer to as


Do read the syllabus

Do read directions

Do stay ahead

Do ask questions

Do communicate

Do participate

Do have a calendar

Do use netiquette


Do Not skip class

Do Not get behind

Do Not assume

Do Not lay low

Step by step Guide

News Forum: any announcements or changes in schedule will

appear here. You may also ask general course or assignment
questions here.

References: Just under the news forum, references needed

throughout the semester are linked here (syllabus, APA link,
netiquette link, etc)

Weekly dates: Each week will be listed separately. Here you will
find topics for the week, required readings, assignments, and
any links necessary for the week

Assignment tab: This is where you will submit your electronic


Groups: This is where your group work will be posted