LIB 604 Libraries in the School Curriculum Spring 2010

Developing Leadership

How can you develop leaders?
yWhat¶s the best way to get to Carnegie Hall?
± Practice! ± Practice! ± Practice!

Where Can You Develop Leadership Skills?
y Skills Develop through Frequent Practice ± in a Safe Place y Clear Task Objectives and Careful Observation are Key to Supportive Evaluations y Constructive Feedback Benefits the Individual and the Group y Clear and Sincere Feedback is a Motivator y Evaluating to Generate Supportive Feedback is Useful Everyday y Build Your Leadership Skills at Toastmasters

How to Develop Leadership Skill with 2Cs
1. Develop Leadership Skill - Confidence
± Confidence here is about building the trust in people that you can lead to the group¶s end objective. That confidence is built when they know you have capability of carrying the responsibility of a leader, and the skills and competencies that can lead them to that end result.
‡ Develop Leadership Skill ± A Criterion for Success in Your Career

How to Develop Leadership Skill with 2Cs 2. Develop Leadership Skill - Communication
± When you develop leadership skill early, especially on communication ± you win trust from the people in your unit. It helps them understand what is the overall objective, and it helps them understand how they are part of the bigger picture that helps achieve the corporate goals.
‡ Develop Leadership Skill ± A Criterion for Success in Your Career

A video on developing leadership skills

Another video

Developing Teachers¶ Leadership Skills yJust do it!
± Whether taking on traditional or emerging roles, a major characteristic of teacher leaders is that they often teach full- or part-time and then assume other responsibilities. An additional characteristic is that they have generally learned the new role just by doing it.
‡ ERIC Digest. Author: Gehrke, Nathalie. Publication Date: 1991-04-00 A pdf version of the original microfiche is available here.

Steps to teacher leadership
yBut do it with purpose!
± Teacher leadership requires active steps to be taken to constitute leadership teams and provide teachers with leadership roles. A culture of trust and collaboration is essential, as is a shared vision of where the school needs to go, clear line management structures and strong leadership development programmes. In the developed and emergent teacher leadership schools, barriers to teacher leadership were mainly external to the school. In the school we described as exhibiting restricted teacher leadership, internal factors were also key barriers.

Interesting metaphor

So, how to develop leadership in the school?

³10 Easy Leadership Ideas to Help School Librarians Become Leaders on Their Campuses´ Campuses´