Defining Company and Product
‡ Firstly Introduced in1989 in North Carolina ‡ In 1903, Bradham moved the bottling of Pepsi-Cola from his drugstore to a rented warehouse. ‡ Net earnings up to 09-06-2009 are $ 4,658 million.

Defining brand
‡ One of the most well known brand of the world ‡ Before TV in the world it was advertised through radio and first most popular campaign at radio for Pepsi was jingle ‡ Being a historical brand many genarations know this brand and children who even can not talk, like to drink it.

Defining Market Areas
‡ Although it is world¶s well known brand but for our project we select Pakistan and India. ‡ Why Pakistan and India???

Paki tan ± Population-around 170 million ± 95% muslims, 5% Hindus+Chirstians and others ± Around 25% young people (Around 42 million) ± Basic Languages Urdu, Punjabi and English

‡ Population around 1.15 billion ‡ Hindu 80.5%, Muslim 13.4%, Christian 2.3%, Sikh 1.9%, other 1.8% ‡ Hindi (similar to Urdu) 41%, Punjabi 2.8%, English and others ‡ Financial crisis led annual GDP growth to slow to 6.1% in 2009, still second highest growth in the world among major developing economies ‡ Total TV channells are 1400 up till 2009 (because of different languages in different states)

Reasons to hoose Pepsi

arkets and

‡ Both are in the top 10 most populated countries (have big markets) ‡ Contain Muslim and Hindu majorities so interesting to compare both cultures for one product. ‡ Alcohlic drinks are prohibited in Pakistan, not in India but still Pepsi is mixed with other alcoholic drinks. ‡ Maximum percentage of young people than other countries in the world, (they love pepsi) ‡ Most popular drink among students ‡ Young people some time drink pepsi by considering a fashion like having Nokia moblies. ‡ Spicy foods eaten in all events make pepsi compulsory to drink with these foods.

‡ Major events for Pepsi (weddings and festivals)
± In wedding (which may lasts 3-5days), around 300 guests can drink 3000 regular bottles easily. ± Eid, specially when muslims slaughter millions of sheeps and cows people try to stock as much Pepsi as they can due to special offers (Muslims have two Eids in one year). ± Other events like Basant (kite flying festival) in Pakistan, Holli, Dewali, Dussera and other casual parties are major popular events for Pepsi in these coutries.

Reasons to Select Pepsi
‡ People love to drink it ‡ Although Coke is older and market leader in some other regions but Pepsi is more famous and acceptable as compare to coke. ‡ Used much more prudent and impressive marketing and promotional campaigns in these two countires. ‡ Pepsi is the biggest Sponser for Cricket in the world.



‡ Mostly young ones but in these two countries some times those people are key customers for Pepsi who like spicy food ‡ Sports persons specially who play cricket in Pakistan and India ‡ Party conscious youngsters ‡ Students because mostly final exams are held in summer there

Description and pictures for Key audience


Description for oth


‡ Pepsi-Generation Next ‡ Pepsi-Yeh hai Youngistan Meri Jaan (This is young era my dear) ‡ Pepsi-Ye Dil Managy More (My heart wants more) ‡ Something for everyone ‡ Same Pakistani singer was used in both countries in ads to promote ‡ Pepsi in mature or confused diabetic patients or obese people.

Market Positioning of Pepsi
‡ Positioning is the process of creating, the image the product holds in the mind of consumers, relating to competing products.



In India & Pakistan ‡ Coca cola and pepsi both make soft drinks, Coca cola may try to compete but they will still be seen as down market from pepsi. ‡ Pepsi has been positioned based on the process of positioning by direct comparison and have positioned their products to benefit their target markets. ‡ Pepsi has positioned itself in these markets very well.

Buying Behaviour of Key udiance
‡ People love to drink it because Pepsi is not expensive as compared to energy drinks and other juices and mineral water products. ‡ Sometimes rumors about purity of water or for muslims when it was said that PEPSI means ´Pay Each Peny To Save Israel´ people avoid to drink Pepsi in Pakistan and India. ‡ Impressive campaigns which includes top movie stars and cricketers from both countries influence customers to enjoy Pepsi more. ‡ Before Eids or other festivals People expect low prices and try to stock it at home.


Life Cycle Representation of product in bot countries
‡ The standard product life cycle tends to have five phases.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Development Introduction Growth Maturity Decline

‡ Pepsi is currently in the maturity stage , which is evidence primarily by the fact that they have a large, loyal group of stable costumers in India as well as Pakistan. ‡ Introduction of different versions of Pepsi enable it to have stronghold in these markets.

Communication techniques and Media
‡ Special sponsered Cricket Tournaments between two old rivals (India and Pakistan) ‡ TV advertisment including cricket and Bollywood cricket stars ‡ Musical Concerts ‡ New entertaining games between youngsters in Universities and Colleges ‡ Surprise Prize competitions e.g In Pakistan in campagin Mercedes Benz was Prize given in the end to winner through a lucky draw. ‡ Billboards, Radio ads and charity programes

Marketing Campaign

‡ Pepsi should held and fully sponser a Cricket tournament between India and Pakistan, about which a Common TV ad should play in both countries to make awareness and special Cricket match tickets and a short meeting with players should offer as prize (through a lucky draw) for those people who will drink Pepsi before tournament. ‡ It is the best time for this kind of campaign because foriegn relations between two are not good at the moment, so it will be interesting competition as well as a successful campaign also.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lIkRAcJkVg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8r7LlwyPY8

‡ People who think coke has more current, like Pepsi more to enjoy it more as a soft drink. ‡ Beside eating spicy food its delicious to drink Pepsi. ‡ Some people like it due to less corbonated as compare to Coke. ‡ Packaging is considered good and regular Pepsi in India easily available for cents 10.

Logo and Packaging
Logo ‡ By the time Pepsi has changed its Logo attractively.

Packaging ‡ Interesting new and satisfactory packaging for separate products make it more influencing product for new and old customers.



‡ To promote pepsi we need to influence the youngesters of both countries through sponsoring cricket. ‡ We will produce pamphlets/brochures in which we would like to have one top cricketer from each country having regular pepsi bottels in their hands. ‡ Slogan will be ¶¶Cricket ke rang pepsi ke sang¶¶ means joys of cricket through pepsi. ‡ These brochures will be distributed amongst youngsters in Universities, Colleges, Cold corners, Public places, cinemas etc.




Message Delivery
‡ Urdu,English and Hindi languages will be used in all promotional techniques. ‡ Simple, entertaining and enthusiastic type of TV ads will be played on most watched TV channels. ‡ Vulgarity or short clothes will be avoided to not have muslim criticism but in India.


‡ Emotional gestures can be used in all catagories of promotions. ‡ But meaning of the promotions will not be complicated. ‡ Business, family, female, men, young, old and children all can be used in ads to convey the message. ‡ Music can also be used to promote pepsi through musical concerts before tournament,.,-,.-.,-,

Example of Promotional Brochur


Restrictions for marketing
‡ In Pakistan:
± We can not make vulgar/sexy ads. ± Pepsi can not be promoted through any medium in any way to use with alcohol or wine etc. ± Words which may mean differently or give harsh tune will be avoided


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