Luke Wood

Dale Chihuly
Dale Chihuly is an American artist born in Washington 1941. His art is an amazing
combination of glass sculpture and vibrant colours which he uses to make
furniture, complex chandelure's and beautiful sculptures.

Influence Map


ChihulyDale is a place where colours you wouldn't think to exist do. Where shapes you couldn't imagine curve and contort in different strange wonderful ways. All the windows in the
building are exploding outwards, in an awkwards writhing mass of tentacle looking shaped glass. As if a creature too small to fit inside the buildings is stuck inside, its excess mass is
being forced out the windows.
ChihulyDale has a large amount of strange glass fauna around, creeping between cracking in the building bricks, and creeping up the side of structures as if it was ivy. a wide array of
tropical looking flowers and fruits dot the surrounding area and the paths and roads are very lush and grassy, even to the point of being overgrown in places.
In the middle of ChihulyDale is a great main road going straight through the city from east to west with great chandeliers made out of glass. They look like odd aliens or octopuses with
many more limbs than they should have. Some solid, some translucent and some transparent. It is this road that houses all the high end markets and expensive apartments. Each
adorned with its own unique chandelier hung as if replacements for signs identifying them.
ChihulyDale has a vast network of underground catacombs build so long ago, the current residents don't even know the real reason they were built. Many theories have cropped up as
to how and why they were built ranging from the original architects using it as a storage room, to it being the remains of a previous city. And that the current one was built on top of it.
Before the current interior designers went in there, it was heavily overgrown and being held up by huge stone columns. They have since been replaced with great pillars of glass in the
shapes of different shells and coral. All while being lit with sun and moonlight reflected with an extensively complex system of mirrors and glass.
At the south end of the city is a Shipdock. The boats and ship in this shipdock are like no other. Much like the buildings they are decorated with long tentacle like objects rising and
spilling over the sides. People are unsure why this is done, all they know is that it is tradition and has been done for years and years. There is a mosaic of colour all over the shipyard
floor. It is said to contain every colour imaginable. At the end of the shipyard is a great lighthouse with a light that shines with every colour, to hail the ships in from the sea.
At the entrance of the city is a huge ornate glass gate with all kinds of colours and shapes, portraying the city's history and hardships. It tells of the cities construction, of how the great
glass smiths forge the wonderful buildings and windows that the city contains. Of how the city came upon its vast wealth and power. At either side of these gates are tall watch towers
with large telescopes. Each with grand detailed lenses. It is said that they are used to judge everyone entering the city, and if anyone would wish to enter with malicious intent, they
would both shine a bright white light at said person.

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