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Reasons why we disagree most of the time:

Communication Barriers
Inability to influence others
Loyalty to the group

Important learning's/lessons:
Leaders should be humble and flexible
Leaders should not force himself to win
all situations
Principles should not step on other
peoples toes
Decisions should be made without
emotions but humane.

Concept of Leadership

therefore means the ability to influence another person or group of

persons to reach their common goals.

Shakespear said: As two person ride on a horse, one must ride behind.

Elements and attributes of leadership

1. Ability to influence
The ability to communicate properly (oral, written, symbol).
The ability to understand and verbalize understanding regarding the
organizational structure (the flow of powers, authority, accountability
and its function).
The ability to understand and interpret correctly their constitution and
The ability to participate in the deliberation and discussion during meeting
or the ability to understand the services of the organization and to realize
into action based on the designed several activities.
Ability to articulate the vision, mission, and goals of the

Other meaning of leadership are as follows:


Love and Loyalty to God, Country your organization & the people



Energetic effort to help and serve

Action and Accomplishment
Dedication, Discipline, Dignity, Devotion to duty, Decisiveness
to general welfare
Reliability, Responsibility, Respect for the law and rights of others,
Resolution for peace and unity

Sincerity, Service, Self-sacrifice, Social justice to make life better to


Humility, Honesty, Honor, Helpfulness, Hard work for accomplishments

and fulfillment


Integrity, Interest, Initiative

Partnership, works for Peace, Progress and Prosperity

Basic Duties of a Leader


give direction to the group in order to prepare the members for

whatever steps or decision to be made.



there are times when members make wrong decision but because the
leader is with them, he/she is able to help the members rectify their
mistakes. He/She enables them to learn from their shortcomings so
that the same can be avoided in the future.
every move that involves the member is discussed with them.
Pertinent information is given which help define the situation and
leads the group towards correct decision.

Points to Remember:
The most important measure of effective leadership is when people
continue working together to achieve their goals even if the leader is not
A good leader also knows how to train other leaders to take his place.

A Good Leader is:

One who puts the groups interest above
his/her own
Broadminded, wise, and analytical, capable of
making decisions.
Flexible and understanding
Principled and courageous
One who knows how to listen
One who gets members to work together