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Britain and the World

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The Commonwealth
The modern successor of the old British

Centered in Great Britain
Head : Queen Elizabeth II
Member : 54 nation, were almost all colonies
of Britain but only a dozen and a half retain
the Queen as Head of State.
Changes in 1884, become Commonwealth of
Nation, consist of colonies which became
more independent.

The Difference between Old

Commonwealth & Commonwealth
Made up of nations rule
mostly by people of
British descent
Made up of individual
Each giving direct loyalty
to the crown

Commonwealth Today

The Commonwealth
nations are republic
Still recognize the queen
as head of
Commonwealth but
many of them have long
since lost the political

The Commonwealth
Based on largest
America, Indian

subcontinent, Asia and


The three largest

Commonwealth nations
by area

Canada (12.1m square

Australia (3.9m square
India (1.3 sq. miles)

The three largest


India ($3.1 trilion)

Britain ($2 trilion)
Canada ($1.3 trilion)

The membership criteria of

Commonwealth of Nations are :
accept and comply with the Harare principles
be fully sovereign states.
Recognize the monarch of the Commonwealth
realms as the head of the commonwealth.
Accept the English Language as the means of
Commonwealth communication.
Respect the wishes of the general population
vis--vis Commonwealth membership

The Commonwealths current highest
priority aims as outlined in Aso Rock
Declaration : We are committed to
domocracy, good governance,
human rights, gender equality, and a
more equitable sharing of the
benefits of globalisation

Head of the Commonwealth
Commonwealth Heads of Government

Commonwealth Secretariat
Commonwealth Family
Commonwealth Foundation
Commonwealth Games
Commonwealth of Learning
Commonwealth Business Council
Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Fiji suspended in 2000-2001 after military

coup. It is suspended once again following

the military coup of December 2006.
Nigeria suspended between 1995-1999
Zimbabwe suspended between 2002-2003
Pakistan suspended between 1999-2004


In 1957, when six countries set up the European

Community by signing the Treaty of Rome,
Britain stayed outside.
In 1972, after favourable votes in both Houses of
Parliament, Britain joined.
In the same year, Britains Conservative EuroM.P.s sat as separate group, joined by one Dane.
In the 1984, election the distortion between
Labour and Conservative was not great but
alliance, with a great percentage of the votes
than in 1979.

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