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Many people enter leadership development programs seeking a quick fix. Developing leaders
cant happen overnight.
For the company to be able to provide guidance and advice on how to develop ones career
path set in a realistic timeline, it should be able to understand what they are striving for.
Companies today are struggling to improve their leadership skills; more than 60 per cent of all
companies cite leadership gaps as their top business challenge. This despite spending on the
leadership development budget cascading down the leadership chain. According to a Bersin By
report, senior leaders only consumed 22 per cent of the leadership development budget as companies
are now focusing their efforts to develop all levels of leaders, especially high-potential talent, to remain


5 Areas due to which Leadership Development Programs fail

Leadership development is seen as a quick fix solution
Senior leaders of the organization need to create an open culture of learning where people have the
freedom to experiment, to work in their own ways to generate desired outcomes and even outperform
themselves at each level.

Career mapping not given a priority

A career map aligned to the employees potential and growth chart comes handy in designing the bestfit training and feedback plan.

Finding & assessing the right leaders

For enabling leadership, the trainings need to be mapped with the competency requirements of an
employee with that of the business requirements.

Hiring for skills, not attitude

While hiring a candidate, be it at any level, organizations should look at identifying leadership
capabilities rather than focusing more only on the operational skills and experience.

No time for introspection

One of the best ways to ensure that a leader develops constantly is to continuously give
feedback and this is when the 360-degree feedback comes into play. Unless an organization or a
leader self-introspects, there would be no hope for improvement.

If leadership has to be addressed in the

most appropriate way, it has to begin from
the hiring stage

eadership, as a concept, runs deep in the

veins of most organizations, but they dont
address leadership capability development
the way they should. Most confuse
management capabilities with leadership.
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Co-founder of Crestpoint Consultants Pvt.

As a leader, it is your job to educate the

entire organization from top down, clearly
identifying the path ahead.

ets face it- its still tough out there. Most

organizations today have weathered this
challenging economy, with recovery and
growth slower than we all would like it to be.
But you made it and are now dealing with
the massive changes that have taken place
and are working hard to ensure your
organizations stays on course for continued
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TOM ROTH is the Chief Operating

Officer at Wilson Learning Worldwide.

A change of guard at the leadership level is

followed by the recreation of strategy &
organizational values. At such times, it is
very crucial to be able to reality identify the
Strong leadership pipeline is essential to an
organizations success and sustainability. It
helps the organization remains stable and
grounded, while it expands and grows.
Though its importance has been
underscored several times, organizations
are still grappling with need for having a
strong leadership pipeline.
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SANJAY DUGAR is Director and Principal

Consultant at C2C Consulting & Training
Pvt Ltd

Leadership development requires

dedicated learning, graded reinforcements
and practical exposure

eadership development is not a one-off

affair or a quick fix. Although many people
are impatient for results to materialize,
quick-fix solutions put unrealistic
expectations on everyone. Programmes
promising supposedly instant results are
not what leadership development is all
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ASHISH ARORA is the Founder and

Managing Director of HR Anexi Pvt Ltd

Organizations need to understand that

leadership development cannot be a
spontaneous or ad-hoc activity

rrespective of the scale, size and industry,

the biggest challenge an organization faces
in the present times is developing the right
set of leaders. The proof of the pudding lies
in the steep increase in focus and efforts on
leadership development as organizations
realize that efficient leadership and a strong
pipeline is key to their success and survival.
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AMIT GAUTAM is the Founder and

Director of Upside Learning Solutions
Pvt Ltd

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