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he Christmas around the World


Each European country has its own customs and traditions,

and based on them, Christmas is celebrated in different


GERMANY: Christmas is
celebrated from 24 to 26
December. If there is a family
party per excellence, this is

ITALY: The Christmas period is

quite long: It starts on December
8 and ends on January 6,
Epiphany day (the manifestation
of the Lord).

FRANCE: Christmas is celebrated

mainly in religious form.


For most European countries

Christmas, it's gold and silver,
green and red, glitter and lights.
But Christmas is synonymous
with union.

in some European
countries, in their own
home they make
decorations such as
wreaths with green leaves
and branches of pine trees
and decorate their
fireplaces with socks or
booties to wait for Santa


Tradition has many types of food: Seafood of all kinds, fish,

traditional meats like turkey or lamb and sweet desserts and
beverages like cider.


Christmas is celebrated throughout the African

continent by christian communities, large and
small. On Christmas day, carols are sung from
Ghana to South Africa. Coptic Christians in Ethiopia
and Egypt celebrate Christmas on December 25th
on their calendar, which is January 07 for most of
the rest of us.

The festive dinner is a meal of rice, meat
sings carols around
and cookies, eaten outdoors, different
the villages, wears party
clothes, give offerings of
love for Jesus

types of meat are roasted and gift

exchanges and visits from family.

Christmas fir stands in a corner, along

with gifts for children around the
base of fir.

As in the southern hemisphere, Christmas occurs during the height of the summer
season. Christmas Day and Boxing Day are recognized as public holidays in
Workers are entitled to a day off with
pay. All companies and essential services
should close.

The decorations are very similar to
those in the UK and North America:
Santa Claus mounted on a sled,
Christmas cards, Christmas carols.

American Continent
In different countries, Christmas is celebrated in
family; one of the most common aspects in
these countries is that they celebrate Christmas
at midnight with the purpose of celebrates
Jesus birthday.

The American ountries include:

Argentina. The Christmas season is during the summer. The
celebration is on the faith of Jesus, and his birth.

El Salvador. Salvadorian celebrates Christmas on

December 24, at night a lot o children and adults
stay at home for all night celebrating with fireworks

Argentina. At night in 24, December, family meets
at home. People massively congregate in the
churches to attend the mass. In addition, Santa
Claus becomes a commercial character for some
households. There are also Fireworks.

Chile. In the city, Christmas Eve families take

dinner together and go to the parishes to
participate in masses EL GALLO for celebrated
the birth of Jesus Christ.
El Salvador. Long time ago on December 24,
pastorals and Posadas, also placed the advent
wreath. "Premiere" is purchased for the night of
December 24, at night it becomes a dance, until
twelve oclock of the middle of the night and
then placed the baby Jesus in the Manger of the

Decorations for Christmas in American
countries tend to decorate the houses and
streets, shopping malls and public places with
Christmas decorations and lights, alluding to
the time. Also placed the tree of Christmas
and the Nativity scene to represent the birth
of Jesus.

In some places, in Chile the houses

every year to see who has the best
In El Salvador; streets, squares and shopping
malls are decorated with lights and Christmas
decorations to celebrate Jesus` birth.

In most countries of this continent, it is traditional
to have Turkey for dinner in Christmas,
accompanied by other dishes, snacks and drinks.
In other countries usually at Christmas dinner is not
Turkey, as it is the case in the following countries:
Argentina. Cold salads, roast
beef, sweet and sour pork,
mince pies.

Bolivia. Is popular a kind of

broth and served with dry

Chile. In addition to the main

dish Turkey, potato salad with
mayonnaise, celery with avocado
salad and Coles with Apple.