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DepEd Order No.

s. 2003
Implementation of the CITIZENSHIP

In accordance with the revised

Implementing Rules and Regulations
of the National Service Program
issued by the Department of National
Defense (DND), the Department of
Education shall implement starting SY
2003-2004 the CITIZENSHIP
restructuring of the CITIZENS ARMY
TRAINING at Secondary Level.

What is Citizenship Advancement


- is a restructuring of the
Citizens Army Training, and is
a component of MAPEH in the
Fourth Year.

- it is an Avenue of
Promoting Community Service
at Local Government Unit

- an effective avenue to usher

responsible citizenship and
develop young people as key
players in building a strong

Objectives of CAT
1. Enhance students social
responsibility and
commitment to the
development of their

2. Develop students ability to

uphold law and order as they
assume active participation in
community activities

3. Develop students readiness

in assisting the members of
the community, especially in
times of emergency.

Components of Citizenship
Advancement Training

1. Military Orientation
2. Community Service

Military Orientation
deals with the introduction and
exposure of the learner to the basic
knowledge, unfamiliar situations and
experiences as well as activities
related to military and citizenship

Community Service
refers to any activity that helps
achieve the general welfare and the
betterment of life of the members of
the community, or enhancement of
its facilities especially those devoted
to improving health, education,
safety, recreation and morale of the

LGU Programs/ Policies for

Community Service
1. Protecting the Environment
2. Maintenance of Peace and Order
3. Ensuring Public Safety
4. Promoting Community


Protecting the Environment

Segregation and collection of solid
waste is conducted at the Barangay
Level, specifically for biodegradable,
compostable and reusable waste.
( RA 9003, Ecological Waste
Management Act of 2002)

The Barangay implements

ordinances, rules and regulations

governing pollution control and other
activities, which create imbalance in
the ecology or disturbances in
environmental conditions.
( Presidential Decree No. 1160 of

Maintenance of Peace and Order

Barangay Crime Watch Center
(BCWC) to serve as effective
monitoring and coordinating
( Senate Resolution No. 145, s.

Barangay Peace and Order

( BPOC) to
serve as the implementing arm of
the city and municipal POCs at
the Barangay Level
( Executive Order No. 366, s.

Ensuring Public Safety

it is the policy of the State to ensure
public safety and further strengthen local
government capability towards this end,
the state shall bolster a system of
coordination and cooperation among the
citizenry, local executives, the integrated
law enforcement and public safety
agencies created under this Act
(Section 2, RA 6975)

The Punong Barangay and

Members of the Sanggunian have

the duty to ensure public safety
Section 392 (b) RA 7160

Promoting Community Participation

Coordination with the Sangguniang

there shall be in every baragay a
Sangguniang Kabataan to be composed of
a Chairman, seven(7) members, a
Secretary and a Treasurer
Section 423 425 RA 7160

Institution of local bodies and

participation of Civil Society (RA

- Local School Board
- Peoples Law Enforcement
Board (PLEB)

How CAT can help

address Challenges in
the Community?

Protecting the Environment

Community Clean-up drive
Protecting water, air, and land

from damage caused by pollution

Safeguard and conservation of

mineral, marine and forest

Maintenance and protection of
watersheds, tree parks,
greenbelts, mangroves, and
other similar development