Input Devices Presentation

Darshil Shah + Omer Mohamed

• Information is normally produced when raw data are analysed and displayed by the information system. Before this can happen the data needs to be physically collected and entered into the system. This collecting process involves both information technology and planning. • The planning involves: – What to collect – Where to collect it from, and – How to collect it. • Data input devices involve the strategies on how to collect the data.


• Common input devices include • pointing devices – help in the movement of the cursor to easily get to where/what we want. • Scanners – convert documents and photos to digital image • digital cameras – take an image and convert it to a digital form • video cameras – take moving pictures (movies) and make it usable for digital purposes. • Microphones – capture voice and sound (digital) • Keyboards – input data into a digital medium (text) • optical recognition devices – collect data (i.e. image) and assign it to something relevant within the computers programming,

The Keyboard
• A keyboard is an input device consisting of a series of keys in a standard layout (QWERTY). It allows the entry of text, numbers, instructions and commands. There are many different types of keyboards each designed to meet a specific need.