Contract FROM America

‡ No support for Nationalized Medicine ‡ No support to rob you of your secret ballot; employee no-free choice act ‡ No support for forced unionization ‡ No support for amnesty for Illegals ‡ No support for un-fairness doctrine ‡ No support for higher gas prices and consumer choice regulations

Current policy
‡ Single Payer No-Choice Nationalized Health Care ‡ Amnesty for Illegal Aliens ‡ Employee (No) Free-Choice Act ‡ Carbon Legislation ‡ Employee Free-Choice Act ‡ Go for the Guns

Single party rule
‡ All policies designed to maximize the role of Government and minimize individual freedom ‡ All policies are bad for America as a whole but solidify the Democrats grasp on power ‡ Ultimate goal is ³permanent ruling majority,´ not by choice but by dependency. Inner-City Model.

Health care = power

Immigration = power

Union = power

Co2 = power

Fairness doctrine = power

Last but not least

100 Year plan

‡Concentrate Power ‡Capture Power

100 Year plan
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Education-Done Courts-Done? Media-Done Unions-Done Identity/Group Politics-Done Endowments-Done Health Care-Done?

Fight the power

Fight the power

Democratic Republic

Short sighted progressives

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Diffuse power to lowest level Reflect spirit of the US Constitution Free Market Principles Individual freedom, not socialism

Tax reform

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Fair and Flax Concentrate power in Fed Gov¶t Constitutional Tax Article 1 Section 8: Enumeration of Powers Clause ‡ States agree what % of GDP is required for Fed Gov¶t to Function ‡ States decide on how to collect their share ‡ Removes Federal Threat of tax status revocation, forward to every Church

Private property
‡ Prevent Gov¶t ownership ‡ Preserve hierarchy of ownership ‡ Eminent domain not used for commercial or tax reasons

Term limits 22 for all

Social Security choice

Ban public service unions

Biting the hand

Servants become master

Ban international unions

Natn¶l Right to work

Employee protection act
‡ Ban International Unions ‡ Anti-Trust to break up the National Unions ‡ Secret Ballot Protection Act ‡ Right to Work, Right of Association ‡ Political Contributions must reflect make-up of members

School choice

Obama¶s on our side

Our rules

AA for Universities

Tax payer funded insurgence

AA for Universities

Block NSF grants

One word socialist

Price fix Universities

Socialize legal system

Unionize plaintiff/claimant

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

Co-op to buy legal services All lawyers must participate All lawyers must accept fee schedule All lawyers must accept all clients All lawyers must absorb pre-trial costs of client ‡ Fee not based upon outcome of trial

Tort reform

Tort reform

Tort reform

Tort reform

Break up the media

Media/Free The Press
‡ Tea Parties, Global Warming, Obama Bias ‡ 1st Amendment guarantees the freedom of speech ‡ Through FCC Regulations we have effectively limited the freedom to speech to a handful of Media Corporations. ‡ At one time Walter Cronkite, an unelected beneficiary of this Oligopoly, was called the most trusted man in America. ‡ Break up the Networks into distribution and content ‡ USA vs Paramount 1948 ‡ Local Affiliates would be able to carry any content they want ‡ PBS becomes Radio Free America; 24/7 Talk Radio with an Inde/Dem/Rep phone line

Equal pay equal work

Break up the media

Radio free America

Entertainment is a right

Thanks for Attending


Current policy
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Nationalize Healthcare Single Payer No-Choice Monopoly Doesn¶t reduce Costs Doesn¶t Improve Quality Forces all to participate, to help 3% of the Population

‡ A job is the best solution to healthcare ‡ Fix what is broken, preserve what is working ‡ Tort Reform, competition, procedure market, healthcare co-ops, tax credit

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Pressure Mexico to reform economy NAFTA Tax, bill Mexico for costs End policy of chain immigration Citizenship of parent is determining factor, not place of birth

their rules

Policy of Deception

Politics of Evasion

Undermine America

Undermine America

Go find yourself


Break up the media

Tax Code
‡ Constitutional Tax ‡ Fair Tax ‡ Flat Tax

Contract 1
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Tax Reform (State determined)(Church) Immigration Reform Transparency; read the bill Free Market Healthcare Reform to focus on 1) portability 2) Access/PEC and 3) Cost ‡ Term Limits ‡ Entitlement Reform SSI Choice and Medicare into HC reform

Contract 2
‡ Media Anti-trust, Free the Press Act ‡ Union Anti-Trust Case- break up National Unions, ban Public Service Unions, and ban International Unions ‡ Collar the power of the Supreme Court; Findings must be founded and justified by a plain English reading of the law and veto by Congress ‡ Enumeration of the powers act

Contract 3
‡ Sunlight law- easily understood information of representative and voting record ‡ Abortion; revoke the right of the SC to decide on Abortion and put it up for a Constitutional Amendment. ‡ Socialize Legal Industry ‡ Secret Ballot Protection Act ‡ Repeal the CRA Act

Contract 4
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Common Sense Banking Act Energy independence Act Investigate Climategate Repeal the 17th Amendment X-Prize Repeal Affirmative Action, meritocracy, need, not race based

‡ Contract FROM America ‡ Concerns of Americans, not partyGive a voice to the people, benchmark to measure out elected officials, people¶s platform ‡ Diffuse power to lowest level ‡ Best for ³We the People´ not ³We the Party´ ‡ Diffuse power to lowest level ‡ Reflect spirit of the US Constitution ‡ Free Market Principles ‡ Individual freedom, not socialism

HC/Fix What is Broke
‡ Lasik Law: Embrace the Free Market ‡ America is the best HC System in the World ‡ Fix what is Broke, preserve and improve what isn¶t ‡ Costs: Interstate Competition, Tort Reform ‡ Portability: Insurance Buying Co-Ops ‡ Affordability: Tax Credit ‡ Pre-Existing Conditions: Gov¶t Subsidized high risk pools

Energy Bill
‡ Drill Baby Drill ‡ Utilize our existing resources ‡ Coal to Gas: Proven Fischer Trophe Process ‡ X-Prize Meets George Clooney to fund alternative energy research ‡ ANWR Funds Environomental Protection

‡ Federal Dollars to School Choice States ‡ Vouchers empower the parent over the powerful ‡ Ban or Break up National Teacher¶s Unions. Unions have concentrated power so teachers work in opposition to parents

Climategate/Ward Churchill Act
‡ No longer can we allow out tax payer universities be progressive amusement parks ‡ Affirmative Action for Conservatives ‡ National Science Foundation Grants

Climategate/Ward Churchill Act

Entitlement Reforms
‡ Social Security Choice ‡ Stay in Social Security or ‡ Participate in State Pension like STRS, PERS and/or Police and Firefighters ‡ Target Retirement Funds in personal IRA ‡ Risk Free = 100% Government Bond Option

Free Market Protection Act
‡ Federal Government must enforce private property rights and contract law, not be used as an agent to violate them. ‡ Government and Unions must divest GM and Chrysler ‡ Proceeds must be used to make Bond Holders whole ‡ If Unions want to share in profits they can do what everyone else does, invest in the Company.

‡ Investigate Climategate and prosecute all those involved ‡ Ban EPA and Supreme Court from regulating Carbon Dioxide ‡ Ban all universities that are involved or remained silent on Climategate from receiving NSF Grants ‡ Affirmative Action for Conservative Professors

‡ Immigration based upon the needs of the Country ‡ Immigration determined by Laws, not the immigrant ‡ Immigration based upon merit, not race, creed, religion, skin color or predicted political affiliation

Do and I say and as I do
‡ Politicians must be enrolled in any program that they pass ‡ Senate and House Pensions will be rolled into Social Security ‡ Representative's pay will be tied to the median income of their districts ‡ Term Limits 3 Terms and you are out

Sunlight bill
‡ All bills must released in a manner that allows representatives time to read them before a vote is held. ‡ Constitutional Line Item Veto for President ‡ Federal Bills must be accompanied with a Enumeration of Powers Certification ‡ Congressional Database will be created to easily track and analyze the voting pattern of Representitives

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