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Known as the Federal Republic

European Unions Largest Population
80.6 million people



Path to Modern Music

Ludwig Von Beethoven

Robert Schumann
Richard Wagner
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Johann Sebastian Bach

Cultural Orientation
Value Systems
Strongly individualistic
Cultural history is considered in decision
making processes
Important to develop a personal
friendship with your counterparts
Strong internal discipline and adherence
to formal rules
Low tolerance for deviant behavior

Cultural Orientation
Value Systems
Little show of emotion due to internal
structure and self-control
Fear about the future breeds anxiety and
Biases exist against foreign workers
Equal rights for all are guaranteed by law
Women have a strong drive to overcome
in both pay and power

Cultural Orientation
Organizing and processing information
Closed to outside information
Younger generations are more open
Committed to the universals of their
Friendships are not developed quickly
Negotiation Strategies
Facts form the basis of truth
Feelings are not accepted in negotiation
Strong faith in the social democratic

What Leads to Conflict from the

German Perspective?

Unfulfilled promises
Covering up mistakes and oversights
Breaking rules and work discipline
Work reports not submitted
Lack of professionalism
Insufficient motivation
Having an attitude not open to others

Common Reactions in German

Business Culture to Conflicts
An objection
A statement of a diametrically opposite
Attempts to convince
Open criticism
Requests to clarify the situation
Cynical Statements

Conflict Resolution
Describe the problem- without rejecting your
Put the main emphasis on looking for a solution
Dont avoid dealing with a German colleague if
you have a disagreement- answer phone calls
and e-mails
It is okay to criticize your German partner
In a conflict situation, Germans sincerely desire
to find a solution to the conflict that will be
acceptable for all parties

German Etiquette &

Meeting Etiquette
Quick, firm
Use a persons
title and their
Wait for host/
hostess to
introduce you
Shake hands with

Neuschwanstein Castle in

German Etiquette &

Customs Cont.
Gift Giving Etiquette
If you are invited to a German house, bring a gift.
If you bring wine, it should be imported. Giving
German wines is frowned upon.
Gifts are usually opened when received.

German Etiquette &

Customs Cont.
Dining Etiquette
Arrive on time,
never early
Send a
thank you note
the following day
to thank the host

German Etiquette &

Customs Cont.
Table manners
Remain standing until invited to sit down
Fork is held on the left hand and the knife is on
the right
Large dinner parties- wait for the hostess to place
her napkin on her lap before doing so yourself
Cut as much of your food with your fork as
possible (compliments cook)
To indicate you have finished eating, lay your
knife and fork parallel across the right side of
your plate, with the fork over the knife
Most common toast with wine is Zum Wohl!
(good health)
Most common toast with beer is Prost! (cheers)

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