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principle of market


OGIL takes great pride in its commitment to the total integration of health,
safety & social responsibility to environmental excellence in all aspects of
its operations.
Our policy is to:Protect the environment, maintain sustainable development and earn confidence of client and society.
Execute all operations for disposal of all materials (hazardous and non-hazardous) safely and with out causing any health
,environment and safety risk.
Adopt appropriate industry and corporate standards where adequate law or regulations do not exist.
Discontinue any operation if the health, environment or safety is at risk.
Aim to achieve zero lost time injury through aggressive safety strategies.
Attain high level of preparedness to manage emergency situation.
To carry out this policy OGIL will:Identify and control public health, environment and safety hazards steaming from its operation.
Conduct accident prevention, reduction safety, occupational health, pollution control and assurance program to safeguard
employee/workers and public from injuries or health hazards, to protect companys assets, continue of operations and to protect
the environment.
Active participation with the government and other institutions in meeting applicable national and international health safety
and environment rules and regulations.
Recognize the environment impact of its operations and promotes efficient energy use and reduction of wastes and emissions.
Conduct periodic safety audits to provide feedback to maximize performance and control of loss.
Encourage employees to report suspected potential health, environment or safety risk to appropriate personnel within the
company to enable the company to assess and respond to suck risks.
Every employee is expected to adhere the spirit of this policy to make health, environment and safety a priority in his or her
daily activities and future planning.
Management staff have especial obligation to keep abreast of the HSE issue and to advise higher management promptly of an

Our Mission
Nestls mission in the words of our founder

Henri Nestl, is to: ...positively influence the social

environment in which we operate as responsible corporate
citizens, with due regard for those environmental standards and
societal aspirations which improve quality of life. -- Henri
Nestl, 1857.

Mission statement of
State Life Insurance Pvt.

To remain the leading insurer in the country by

meeting our commitments to our valuedpolicy
holders and the nation

Mission Statementof
The mission statement of the Telenor
Satellite Networks (TSN) group is derived
from theTelenor Group's vision, which is
defined to be a driving force in creating,
simplifying andintroducing communication
and contentsolutions to the market.

Huawei's mission statement is: To

focus on our customers' market challenges
sistently create maximum value for

Mission Statenentof
Standard Chartered
We aim to be the Worlds Best
International Bank by being the Right
Partner for ourcustomers. To achieve
our goal, we need to attract highlytalented people to work for usand give
them outstanding opportunities.