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It is basically an activity designed to promote creativity.

The term is popularized by Alex Faickney Osborne in 1953.

It is a problem centered method.

It is defined as a creative conference for the sole purpose of
producing suggestions or ideas that serve as leads to problem

It stimulates creative solutions to the problem.

It is a form of discussion which enables the group to do
collective creative thinking.

The emphasis is upon eliciting from the students as many
different ideas as possible.

Teachers asks the students to think over the given topic

Views are expressed frankly, without hesitation.

Views may be right or wrong ,meaningless or meaningful.
But all are accepted.

This process continues till a befitting solution comes and

What is the Goal Of
To generate as many ideas as
possible in a short period of

Importance of Brainstorming
 It

presents more valuable ideas.

 It

shows collective wisdom.

 It

develops confidence in pupils.

 It

fosters creativity.


is an effective teaching
technique where students are allowed to
think creatively and find solutions to


technique is very useful in English
language education as it facilitates
students’ contribution and involvement in
the teaching- learning process.


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Prepared By:
Cicymol Varghese
I BEd. English(Sem 1)