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Ni Kadek Yuli Widyastuti
I Gede Wira Wiguna
Putu Eka Jaya Famugi
Virginia Helzainka
Cross Cultural Understanding
English Education Department
Ganesha University of Education
Singaraja Bali

Definition of Personal

The concept of relationship is

very broad and complex. In our
model, personal relationships
to close connections between
Personal Relationship is the relation
between people, especially those between
friends, lovers and family members.
Example :
a). Mothers and their children.
b). Husband and wife or parent and

Interpersonal VS Intrapersonal
"interpersonal" refers to
relationships or actions that take
place between two or more
"intrapersonal" refers to things
that go on exclusively within one

Types of Personal

1. Family
byrecognized birth, marriage
and shared consumption. The
concept of "family" is an
essential component in any
discussion of relationships but
this varies greatly from person to

2. Friendship
Friendshipis a relationship of
mutualaffectionbetween two or more
people. Friendship is a stronger form
ofinterpersonal bondthan an association.
Characteristic of the friendship such as
affection, sympathy, empathy, honesty,
mutual understanding and compassion,
enjoyment of each other's company, trust,
and the ability to be oneself.

3. Partnership
A partnership is the relationship existing
between two or more persons who join to
carry on a trade or business. Each person
contributes money, property, labor or skill,
and expects to share in the profits and losses
of the business. The partners in a partnership
may be individuals, businesses, based
organizations, schools and governments.

Circles of Friends
The Circle of Friends approach is a method
designed to increase the socialization and inclusion
of a disabled person with their peers.

Types of Circles Friends


Intimate Circles consist of two to seven

people perhaps spouses or close friends.
The group is already bonded and members
feel free to disclose their deepest feelings to
each other.
b). Intentional Circles consist of eight to
twelve people who are drawn together by
shared desires and purposes.
c). Open Call Circles are open to anyone who
is interested. Your publicity explains what the
circle will do and mentions a meeting time
and place.

Mobility and
In other to make a connection, a
person tend to move to the place
where they can get friends.

Kinds friendship

According to the article Friendship and

Mobility by Eunjoo Cho, Seth A. Myres, and
Jure Leskovec there are 2 kinds of

1. friendship created before the movement

2. the friendship created after the movement

Based on the book Beyond


A relationship that based on common

activity may end when the activity ends.

For example:
Student meet in classes and remain friends
for the duration of the course and then stop
seeing each other after the final examination.

Instant Friendship
Instant is something that can be made very
quickly and easily.
Friendship is the feeling or the relationship
that friends have. Friendship can be thought
of as a close tie between two people that is
often built upon mutual experiences, shared
interest, and emotional bonding.

Instant Friendship
Characterizing instant friendships is the
appearance of two people becoming close
but, in reality, there is no strong bond
between them.

Male Female Relationship

Equality issue

Workplace colleagues
Informal just friends

Degrees of intensity: Casual - 3 dates rules Move in


Monogamous / Polyamorous
Mixed race

Intercultural Relationship
Althen, G., & Bennett, J. (2011)Because of the inherent differences
between the message sender/encoder and the message
receiver/decoder, the risk of misunderstanding is particularly high
in intercultural situations
Better communication with various cultures:
Understand your own culture and communication variables: social
role/symbolism/thought patterns etc
Learn the communication rules for the other culture by reflecting
on its approach to nonverbal and other aspects of
communication. Be sensitive to verbal and nonverbal language
codes, and use language appropriate for the culture
Avoid error interpretation that rely on the basis of your own social
and cultural values.
lookout for cues that suggest you should change your own
communication style or your interpretation.

Intercultural Relationship
Approaching Americans
First move
Approached by Americans
Straight Forward
Eye contact

when you are in a community where
has varied kinds of race, religion,
believes and other background of the
member, being open minded to
different ideas is a must in order to
have a good relationship with each
other and grow friendship.