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an ode to august

august 2009

I miss the days that we were together. I miss the moments when we shared our dreams and aspirations, they maybe indifferences in the beginning but soon were ironed out as we agreed to make our dreams as one.

I miss the days you were calling me whispering sweet nothings, asking how my day was and in the late evening singing me few lines from the songs I really like though they were sung out of tune, I really appreciated the effort more than the voice and made me love you more.

I miss the days when we were just wandering the mall and that we were able to go through all the stores, at the end of the day we were damn tired but I was compensated with the warmly cuddle and kiss telling me that you enjoyed my presence and not the earthly things around us

I miss the days that we dined out and ate as if we didn·t eat for days. I miss reminiscing the past, laughing at our baloney wishy-washy stupid acts. Those were the days and there won·t be another day.

I agree with an old adage, oLove doesn't require two people look at each other, but that they look together in the same direction.p I was counting on the days that soon I will be sharing the rest of my life with you. I was looking forward to the day that we will be sharing the bed we made love for all eternity as we firmed up our decree that we would be more than lovers but to be the significant partners of our existence.

I was slowly preparing for the big shift in my life. Sharing a home was never a good idea entertained by my subliminal mind. It was when we had that serious talk that my cerebrum gave in instantly as it inked its approval on the idea. I was making myself ready for the colossal leap of my life. From a simple and slowpaced living, I will have to embrace a new culture of fast-paced and gregarious lifestyle. I was changing the course of my ship from small seas to bigger oceans where I thought I could find a better catch.

The direction was all geared to where your sun rises and sets. It was all in accordance to where your wind blows incessantly in quiescence. It was all based in time when your moon takes its full silhouette and when your stars shine its majestic profile. It was almost immediately that the fairy tale came to its end.

At a snail pace, I know that you are destroying my defenses by showing me by devising measures to win me back. I know that you drafted enticing proposals that makes me have second thoughts on my earlier pronouncements. You allowed me to recollect that I should go for my happiness. I dwindled and entertained these ideas.

The greatest events aren't the loudest, but the quietest hours. In my few days of silence and solitude, I tried mustering my strength. I tried searching for the values devoured by sweet promises. I know that in giving, I shall receive. I know that in losing, I shall find. In my subdued moments, I was able to received enlightenment. In the course of my search, I found peace.

I know that in giving, I shall receive. I know that in losing, I shall find. In my subdued moments, I was able to received enlightenment. In the course of my search, I found peace.

The most difficult lesson to learn is which bridge in life to use or which one to break off. I realized that sometimes pursuing for what makes you happy sometimes makes it complicated. Hence, I resolved to myself that I should look for what makes me miserable and that I must stop doing it. After all, it·s the miseries that making me unhappy.

Life is a drawing without an eraser. After all that have happened, I know that I can never change the story of our lives. New chapter has to unfold and it has to take its course as our chapter has already ended. The damage has been done, itn irreparable. We can right the errors we committed by s moving forward.

In the new chapters of our lives, we have to make it precise as its futile doing the same slip-up. Remember, what happens, happens for a reason.

NOW, I stand firm for what I know is right. Beginnings must not be deferred and it shall start now. I say enough of oYOUp in my life.

I have to take full control of my life. I know I this time I have more LOVE to give. It may not be so soon but I know perhaps God would want me to become acquainted with many different people, so that when I meet the right ONE, I can appreciate and be grateful for that person.
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