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Stake holders of construction

client subcontractors end users contractor Stake holder designers local authorities environmental groups politicians .

Impact of stake holders…  Client -Clients are the eventual owners of the building and typical funding agent of the project  Contractor-The contractors are essentially project managers. They direct the building process from initial planning to final approval  Users -The end users of the project vary depending on whether it is a public or private project  Government.Local government approves permits and gives the okay for new developments  Union -Unionized labor may also play a role in construction projects .

 External Stakeholders .Who are the Project Stakeholders?  Internal Stakeholders . who are the team members of the project or those who provide for the financing of the people affected by the project in some significant way. .to the organization.

Stake holder classification………  Direct stakeholders .Direct stakeholders are those directly associated or involved in the project  Indirect stakeholders .Indirect stakeholders are those indirectly associated with the project.Positive stakeholders are those who are likely to have a favorable impact on a project  Negative stakeholders .  Positive stakeholders .Negative stakeholders are those who are likely to have a detrimental impact on a project .

. This means the involvement of the Quantity Surveyor is high regarding the following stakeholders.STAKEHOLDERS AND THE INVOLVEMENT OF THE QUANTITY SURVEYORES……  There are many stakeholders in a project who affect and can affect the project in the construction industry .But within them some of the stakeholder strictly prefer the participation of the Quantity Surveyor on their sides.

the Quantity Surveyor is the most important person in a project. Because he is the one who will say whether the project can be done within the budget or he is the one who plans the project within the budget. Furthermore Quantity surveyor is good cost adviser for the client.Client & QS  In client’s aspect. Qs Can help the client in selecting suitable procurement method .

Consultant & QS  The Quantity Surveyor plays a major role in the team of experts. It is believed that the successfulness of the consultant is depends on the quantity surveyor. The designers(Consultant team) produced drawings and specifications which are translated by the bill of quantities into documents which would allows a contractor to calculate his tender price accordingly and on the exact same basis as his competitors . He involves from the initial stage of the project life cycle.

Contractor & QS  The Quantity Surveyor from the contractors’ side is the person who firstly involves in a project. for all types of civil engineering. He should be able to get the project to the contractor by bidding accurately. the contractors and subcontractors. The QS have to be are able to provide both commercial and contractual advice to all corporations such as the developers. the government bodies. Furthermore he should monitor the employees and the progress of the work. building and structural projects .

They must also provide accurate labor and work costs. he/she will be able to calculate the quantities of materials for the build. this involves Building Information Modeling (BIM). a Quantity Surveyor will study drawings and specifications about a new building normally provided by architects or engineers. .How do Quantity Surveyors work?  Before a construction project starts. From this information. Increasingly.

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