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About PursueAsia Global

PursueAsia Global Connexio
Connexio rooted from the parent
company PursueAsia Internships, with a vision to
Enthral, collaborate and smoothen the process of
businesses expansion in India and connect them with
their counterparts.
“Connexio” derived from the word connecting, We
customize and connect Individuals to Businesses and
vice-versa. PursueAsia Global Connexio is a pathway
to your business connection in India.

Why India
In 1970, the GDP of India was only $63.5 billion.
In 2012, the GDP of India stood at $1.84 trillion. This
is about 2900%
India is now the 10th-largest economy in the world
based on market
exchange rates.
Based on purchasing power parity (PPP), India is the thirdlargest economy
in the world.
The U. S. Dollar and the
based on purchasing
power of the two currencies.


India offers a young population;




is estimated

50% of its

Why Dubai
Dubai is a tax-free economy, meaning property and income
are not taxed by
the government.
Dubai is and has surely become the bridge between the
East and the West.
 Dubai’s road and maritime infrastructure is also second to
none and comparable to the best in the world.
 Dubai has one of the most efficient and well equipped
sea ports in the
world that can handle millions of tons of cargo each year
without breaking
a sweat.
The people in Dubai love to indulge in luxury, their
immense wealth
allowing them to be as impulsive a buyer as can be.

See India as best
investment location
over 5 yrs

FII investment in
October touches 8month high

NTT opens its largest
data centre in India

Rajasthan attracts
investments of over Rs
1.5 lakh crore

Centre pushes FDI in
15 sectors, 100
percent foreign
investment in
India to grow at over 7%
this year; slow reforms
process, bad loans
holding India back
iQor to invest $200
million in India; Will
create 20,000 jobs

Investment Sectors

Food Processing
IT and BPM






Oil and Gas



Electronic Systems
Roads Highways



What we do ?
 PAGC proposes to bring together Global Investors and their
counterparts through mutual agreements and commercial
 PAGC will seek out and look for the best options suiting your
business needs
in India & Dubai.
 PAGC proposes to provide investors with fixed agendas to
provide you with
the best available ROI.
 Apart from this investment’s rewarding financial gains, it
is also an
opportunity to offer visionary businessmen, the link to
their establishment
in India & Dubai.

Benefits for your company
 You are provided with the research data based on your
requirement, at the
comfort of your home/office.
 Due to our strong network in India as well as Dubai, we will
provide you the
options which best suit your requirement, before you even
visit the place.
 Once you register with us, we take care of your comfort
and security right
from your arrival at the airport, to the time you leave the
 During your stay in India or Dubai, we chart out a daily plan
for you, in order
to utilize your time to the fullest.
 During your stay in India or Dubai, you will have a

How to Register ?




Click on the register tab
Fill up the registration form and submit.
Before submission of registration
out the
terms and conditions.

form please read

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