Customer Centricity at Commerce Bank

Presented By Group No. 08

Shilpa Poddar - 150 Nirupama Ghosh Dastidar -153 Ashish Ranjan Jena - 155 Jaydeep - 152 Bhawana Mallik -154 Ankur Chaudhuri - 156

The WOW! Features of the bank 
Philosophy : they are retailers and not bankers  Open seven days a week from 7:30 A.M to 8:00 P.M  10 minute policy  Uniform branch design and appearance
2001 (US $) 2002 (US$)

Total Income Net Profit

233 million 103 million

830 million 145 million


2003 316

2007 500
50 billion

2010 800

21 billion


Three MascotsMister C : interacts with customers Buzz : creates a buzz in the bank Doctor Wow : solicits feedback from employees & customers

Wow culture of bank
Commerce University 1700 courses, 15000 employee enrollment every year Traditions ² one day training course for new employees Wow Teams Red Friday Doctor Wow Awards & Hill Cup Kill a stupid rule program

Customer friendly measures:  Low cost deposits and loans  Free account verification  24 hrs phone banking  Online banking services  Penny Arcades  Employees greet & escort customers Advantage over competitors:  Encouraged branch banking  No minimum balance insistence  Extended Banking Hrs  Free exchange of small change

Customer Centricity
Customer Satisfaction: 

Fast daily branch operations  Convenient teller transactions  Eat or read while in queue  Check view feature at bank·s website  Phones at bank·s ATM·s  Penny Arcades at branches
FACT: In 2002, Penny Arcades transacted US$71.7 million in 750,000 transactions; loss of US$ 10 million

The Wow! outcomes 
Substantial increase in total income & net profit Accumulated US$ 50 billion in assets by 2007 Good growth rate in third quarter of 2003:
41% in deposits and 26% in EPS 

2000% stocks growth in past 10 yrs Listed in Business week ² 50 top performing companies of the
S& P 500 

Best online banking service award by micro banker


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