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Standards Based Grading

How are schools making the shift to Standards

Based Grading?
1. Only achievement of standards will be graded
2. Formative assessments will be scored for feedback purposes but will not
be graded
3. Summative assessments will be scored and graded
4. Grade book entries will reflect the formative assessment scores but will
not carry weight toward the grade
5. Grade book entries of summative assessment scores will carry weight
toward the grade
6. Assessments that address multiple standards will receive multiple scores

Scores vs. Grades

Rubric Based to distinguish between levels of performance
Everything can be scored
Formative (Done while still teaching content)
Feedback to inform teaching and learning
In-Class practice
Exit Tickets
Anecdotal Records
Maybe Quizzes

Scores vs. Grades

Reports of Scores
Only on material that demonstrates Evidence of Achievement of the
Summative (Done when teaching content is finished)
Evaluation of teaching and learning
Performance Tasks
Writing Tasks
Maybe Quizzes

The Grading System

4 Outstanding demonstration of skills & knowledge Above and Beyond
expectations. Makes connections beyond instruction. Creates.
3 Performs all the skills and knowledge expected but is not extending
beyond what was taught.
2 Performs the basic skills and demonstrates the basic knowledge of
the content.
1 Performs the basics but only with scaffolding or assistance.
0 Cannot perform the basics even with scaffolds or assistance, or
does not attempt to perform the tasks.

An Example
1st Marking Period Summative Assessments


lab reports/essay writing tasks
project/performance task
research report

1st Marking Period Formative Assessments

10 homework tasks (1 per week)
20 exit cards (1 per block day)
10 assessments of Self-Management Behaviors (1 per week)

What does it look like in the database?

Lets look at a Grade Book- Grading Policies/Assignments

What does it look like in the database?

Lets look at a Grade Book

Take Aways
Everything graded is linked to a standard
Formative assessments are not graded but they go in the gradebook with 0
Summative assessments are graded and weighted
Scores are given on a 0-4 scale

4 Above & Beyond Instruction

3 Solid Proficiency
2 Basic Proficiency
1 Does Not Meet Basic Proficiency without assistance
0 Does not demonstrate ability or any effort to meet proficiency