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Craven: Sustainable Art & Design in the Public Realm

Good Design & Public Art can be«.

Permanent Art & Design Bold yet Sensitive Architecture

David Mellor Cutlery Factory: Peak District National Park, Chatsworth

Permanent Art & Design An Exploration of Technology

Downland Gridshell: Weald & Downland Open Air Museum by Ted Cullinan

Permanent Art & Design Iconic Art & Architecture

East Beach Cafe: Littlehampton by Thomas Heatherwick

Permanent Art & Design An Integration of Art, Design and Engineering

Falkirk Wheel, London Eye and Newcastle-Gateshead Bridge: Industrial design, architecture or public art?

Permanent Art & Design Cultural Masterplanning & Animation

Bradford City Park: Architect and artist collaborations to influence the design & use of a new µpeoples park¶ through interactive and integrated arts

Permanent Art & Design Housing Innovation

Chimney Pot Park, Salford: turned the traditional terraced street upside down. A bright linear garden is at first floor level, accessed from the main living rooms.

Permanent Art & Design µGrey to Green¶ Space Conversions

The High Line: New Manhattan community park created on a disused elevated railway

Permanent Art & Design A Sensory Experience

Chroma Streams; Tide and Traffic: Is a £300k work of New York lighting artist Leni Schwendinger in collaboration with Ian Alexander of jmarchitects. Commissioned by Glasgow City Council. Lights interact with traffic flow data.

Permanent Art & Design A Celebration of µPlace¶

Singing Ringing Tree: Burnley Panopticon by Tonkin Liu

Permanent Art & Design Micro in Detail

NYC Manhole Covers: by Lawrence Weiner read: "in direct line with another and the next³ Referring to the grid of New York City's Streets. Can be found in 19 locations.

Permanent Art & Design A Myriad of Local Initiatives

Gallery on the Green: Postcard Art in a phone box, Settle

Permanent Art & Design Memorials

Buckden Pike Memorial: For the Polish bomber crew killed in a 1942 plane crash. One survivor was saved by following a fox trail to a farmhouse in the blizzard ± hence the bronze.

Permanent Art & Design Alternative Live Arts Venues

Mart Theatre and Sheep Town Theatre Company: Innovative integration of cattle mart and live events and theatre productions

Permanent Art & Design Community Radio Interpretation

Drystone Radio: Audio trail and podcast created by community radio station for Dales National Park Authority and Friends of the Settle Carlisle Railway.

Permanent Art & Design Man Made Icons

Bolton Abbey, Skipton Castle & Ribblehead Viaduct: Craven Tourism Hot Spots

Permanent µArt & Design¶ Natural Icons

Kilnsey Crag & Malham Cove: Environmental Beacons

Good Design & Public Art can be«.

Temporary Art & Design Environmental Sensitivity & Microcosms

Slow Art Trail: Environmental Arts pilot by Chrysalis Arts. Image shows woodland poetry installation by David Morley

Temporary Art & Design Popular Culture

Skipton International Puppet Festival: A biennial festival over 3 days with performances in 2009 at 10 venues, with 2,300 tickets sold.

Temporary Art & Design Playful Arts Activism

Park(ing) Day: an Open Source festival of impromptu parks originated by US artists Rebar. Parking bays are temporarily converted into mini parks worldwide.

Temporary Art & Design Public Interaction and Vox Pop

Freedom of Expression: National Monument 2004, by architect Laurie Hawkinson, performer John Malpede, and artist Erika Rothenberg Enormous red megaphone occupied square in Lower Manhattan - A modern day soapbox

Temporary Art & Design Photography & Aural History Collaborations

Ancoats Stories: Artist Dan Dubowitz collaboration with Ancoats Urban Village and Manchester Transport Authority to temporarily install photography lightboxes and aural history recordings onto Manchester Piccadilly Metro platform.

Temporary Art & Design Contemporary Art for Historic Places

Picture House ± Film, Art and Design at Belsay: Contemporary arts programme by English Heritage for Belsay Hall, Northumberland.

Temporary Art & Design Exploratory Public Art

Fourth Plinth: Temporary installations at Trafalgar Square, including this by artist Marc Quinn, called µAlison Lapper pregnant¶ - a 4x life size marble sculpture. Lapper is highly respected artist dealing in her own disability.

Temporary Art & Design Guerilla Lighting & Installation

Heart of Yorkshire: was the temporarily bathing in coloured light projection on York Minster highlighting the detail above the central door. The installation by lighting artist Patrice Warrener was part of a £1.8m plan to illuminate many York buildings.

Temporary Art & Design Sustainable Cultural Tourism Events

Old Man of Storr on Skye was installed with illumination and sound in summer 2005. For 42 nights this award winning installation The Storr: Unfolding Landscape by artists NVA brought an audience of 6,500 people, equipped with headlamps, guides and walking sticks to walk to the top and experience the installation at midnight.

Temporary Art & Design Celebratory Arts

The Sultan's Elephant: created by French company Royal De Luxe was the biggest piece of free theatre ever seen in London, set against the city¶s magnificent landmarks in May 2006. Over 4 days, a 42 ton mechanical elephant roamed the streets of central London in search of the giant time-travelling girl.

Temporary Art & Design Arts & Cultural Festivals

Villa Victoria: as part of Liverpool Biennial 2002 by Tatsouru Bashi. Was an elevated and fully working one-bedroom hotel built around Queen Victoria Monument in Liverpool. 15m statue of Queen Victoria loomed over the double bed of a µbookable¶ 1-room hotel.

Temporary Art & Design Regional Tourism & Marketing

Turning the Place Over: Installation by Richard Wilson in Liverpool for The Northern Way New Icons of the North public art programme. Building owned by NW Regional Development Agency and due eventually for demolition and redevelopment.

Temporary Art & Design Virtual Opera

While London Burns: A fusion of thriller, opera and guided walk, by Douglas Hodge. Set amongst the skyscrapers of London¶s Square Mile, this opera for one took the listener, equipped with an mp3 player, on a walking audio adventure.

Temporary Art & Design Interactive Gaming

Pong: by Chaos Computer Club in Berlin in 2001 / 02. Office building at Alexanderplatz enhanced to become world's biggest interactive computer display. Pong used a mobile phone to play the arcade classic Ping-Pong on the façade.